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Sewing Club Meets 2013

sarahs_avatarHi everyone! For your new, shiny diaries… here are the dates for the 2013 meets of the Perth BSC Sewing Club!

In 2013, meets will continue to alternate between Saturdays and Sundays, beginning at 1:30pm.  Dates for the meets are as follows:

  • Saturday, January 19
  • Sunday, February 17
  • Saturday March 16
  • Sunday, April 14 (also proposed month for sewing weekend away)
  • Saturday, May 18
  • Sunday, June 16
  • Sunday, July 21
  • Sunday, August 18
  • Sunday, September 15
  • Sunday, October 13 (also proposed month for sewing weekend away)
  • Sunday, November 17
  • Sunday, December 15

Most meets will continue to be held at the Sewanista Fashion Workshop in Malaga – thanks to Sandra for her ongoing generosity. (Don’t forget to check out the Sewanista Facebook page!) However, as in previous years, the January & February meets will be held elsewhere – I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the January meet.

Don’t forget to join our MeetUp page for notifications relating to scheduled meets – and please do your best to remember to RSVP… we’ve been close to or at capacity a few times in the last year, and we’ve got to make sure we have enough chairs for everyone!

See you in 2013 for more sewing!


Ironing board cover

My ironing board was up for an update. The old cheap cover it came with was less than perfect, it moved all the time plus it was in a weird silvery colour.

I got from the library “Home sewn home : 20 projects to make for the retro home” by  Sally Walton (which btw is, in my opinion, an ok book,  one of those books worth flicking through but not to buy). The book features an ironing board cover. I say “features” because there isn´t really any pattern, it just tell you to used the old cover to traces your new one. So I did so.

Finding the fabric was harder than I though. I went to Spotlight, all the fabrics I liked couldn´t be ironed at high temperatures! it took me around an 1h of looking at labels until I saw this fabric in the distance:

Fabric Iron


I thought that should stand high temperatures! and it did! So here is my new ironing board cover and my boyfriend happily (?) ironing on it.


Sewing sale – swim/dancewear fabric, trims, notions etc


I saw this advert on

I rang Denise and she is downsizing her business and selling lots of fabric for $3 a metre, trims, bra cups 20c (if you have bought these you know how expensive they are).  Also industrial machines, patternhooks, scissors and lots of other stuff.  The business is located next to West Leederville trainstation; Sarah I can hear you squealing at close it is to your work.  Denise said it would be wise to ring beforehand as they are not always there.  I’m planning on checking it out tomorrow as I think I may need my car to carry it all home.


Scraps for Starlight

Hiya fellow BSC sewing peeps.

The Facebook discussion on what to do with sewing scraps got me thinking. I know I have heaps of scraps and as much as I think I will use them for facings and pocket linings etc. I rarely do.  They just sit there in that big box cluttering up my sewing room.

Fabric Scraps

Overflowing box of scraps (this is not the only one!)

Funnily enough a few weeks later my lovely friend and housemate Gabby asked me if I had any fabric scraps I could spare for Starlight. Gab works for Starlight Children’s Charity as an Arts Facilitator in their Livewire room for teens in Princess Margaret Hospital. It’s a place where they can escape the hospital environment and have some fun. They love crafts and are obsessed with sewing softies at the moment so they would love some more fabric scraps of all types to play with.  If you have any fabric scraps, and I’m sure you all do, you can bring them to the December Burdastyle meet.  I will be sure to pass them on to their new home. Who knows what creature they may become!

Sarah W 🙂

From conference bag to lunch bag

Last February I attended a nanotechnology conference (actually it was three in one, ACMM22/AOMC10/ICONN2012, but that is another story).  For the first time in a very long long time, the conference bag was made out of a pretty fabric. It was inspired in aboriginal paints.  At the time I wasn´t sure what I want to do it, but it was to pretty to miss, so I asked if I could have a few extra bags. I ended up with 3 bags (for the embarrassment of my colleagues)*

I loved Sarah´s lunch bag, and I though I would use my “conference bags” to make a nice “lunch bag”. So this bag is made of out almost entirely of these conference bags (I used two): inside & outside, and even the handles**.

* My colleagues want now one lunch bag!

** I put leftover fabric from my chair cover to give some body to the bag.

Boring Admin Stuff

We had a fabulously fun meet this afternoon, with 12 people, including 2 new faces.  We had a theme of upcycling, and there was some interesting stuff going on, which I will post about after feeding the hungry hordes.
However, just right now, the boring admin bit is……

Are these yours?  They were left behind, and I have put them on the lost property wall, but if I can match a name to them first, I’d be much happier 🙂

Ultimate verge!

Hey everyone!

I love verge…no, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVE VERGE!!!  I’m a hopeless scrounger, and if you know where to look you can get some fabulous finds.  Last year someone had their entire fabric stash on the verge!  Now it’s in my stash 😛

But, this year beats all former verges.  I found a vintage Singer 401G from the late fifties/early sixties on Marlow Street during my daily bike commute to work.  I almost fell of my ebike with excitement and utter shock.  Needless to say it came to work with me an then home – all in the back of the basket.  She doesn’t have a power cord or foot petal, but these things can be found online – a really good source for vintage sewing machine parts and a fab blog about restoration can be found here.

Feast your eyes!

She’s beautiful, eh?  I plan to start tinkering soon, so stay tuned to my blog for more restoration details.  Hopefully the motor is good, but we’ll see once the power arrives!