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March 2014 Sewing Camp (Part 1)

A few pics from the March 2014 Sewing Camp. A BIG thankyou to Elle for all your planning/organizational/culinary skills, without which this camp would not have happened.

Bunting! With my sewing group’s acronym = sewing geek heaven. Herald the way to sewing campdom… it’s not a sewing camp without some actual sewing going on….here are the ladies who put the “[sewing machine] pedal to the metal”during sewing camp weekend.

Kelly working on a mandarin collar:

Jacquie making another lovely knit top:

Kirsten tracing a pattern out of a BWOF magazine – see it can be done!’

Brenda -handstitching the lining on her retro style jacket (love the rust orange and navy combo!):

More pics to follow….



Bella Trousers #6011 Burda

I am very proud to present my first pair of trousers that make it to the outside world! (previous attempts have only been worn inside the house)

I used the burda pattern bella. It was featured a few weeks ago and I thought it was great. I was a bit concerned about how it will look in a “not skinny” person, but I am quite happy with the result.

Pattern sizing: The pattern has indications for size 34 to 46. I cut a 46 because of my hips, but I had to make the waist smaller. I think the measurements are a bit overestimated because I am quite sure that a 44 would have fit on the hips just fine.

Were the instructions easy to follow? They were a nightmare! I had to wing the whole waist because I had no idea what I was meant to do.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

🙂 I looooooove high waist trousers. There is a bit of room for change in the pattern: pleats or no pleats in the pockets, pockets or no pockets and the most amazing one is the sailor modification.

😦 I ended up with so much fabric at the seam of the waist with the legs that my machine couldn’t make a button hole, so some of the bottoms are “fake” and they are actually a snap fastener (susssh don’t tell anyone)

Fabric use: Light denim from the sales at Homecraft Textiles.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I didn’t bother with the back pockets. The high of the crotch was way to low for me, but I only realized that when the whole thing was done.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I would do it again one size smaller and with a higher crotch. I have already modified the pattern, just waiting to buy more fabric… so when are we going to the sale at intangible?

Best. Day. Ever.

First, I finished my next Peppermint style and it looks amazing! Sorry, can’t show you until it’s published, but take my word for it.

Second, flute repair guy charged me peanuts for my daughter’s leaky flute repairs.

Next, op shop guy gave me a heads up on a really old, really big book full of patterns. It’s to die for, he said. Yes, well, maybe. So he phoned the other opshop and got them to hold it for me, I got the kids from school and drove 25 mins to look at what I half suspected would be a 70’s book full of kooky peasant skirts.

OMG, it was Ladies’ Garment Cutting and Making by FR Morris !!!! Only the most covetable vintage pattern drafting book on the planet! And I got a Japanese pattern drafting book from 1969 and another copy of Successful Sewing, an oldie but a goodie, and from which my sewing avatar was derived.

I now need a cup of tea and a lie down.


Random stuff

Just a quick post as I still haven’t got around to photographing my two beignet skirts I made recently.  So in absence of real sewing news…

There is a great free “wrap singlet” pattern at from Hot Patterns.  Get it here.

Also Homecraft Textiles (Albany Hwy, St James) has 50% off everything this month.  They are great for notions,  elastics and thread.  Also for this month, they are open Sundays so  no trekking to Joondalup when you need that zip so you can finish your skirt to wear to work on Monday!

Currently working on a Pendrell top.  Sarah I think we should have a competition to see who can come up with the 3 different versions first!


Irene’s knit culottes: Attempt #1

I have never sewn clothes before – a year ago I started a dress and it is still on the unfinished pile.  I am more into cushions, handbags, wallets,… anything where size doesn’t matter. However, in our trip to Potter´s I got an awesome piece of light blue cotton and I thought it would be great for a pair of trousers.

Long time ago I saw this free pattern in the burdatyle website. It says it is for novice! Perfect!

Pattern sizing: The pattern has indications for size 36 to 42 (and explains how to make it bigger). I cut a 40 but I realised (once cut, damm it!) that my printer has shrank the pattern by putting white margins on the pattern (rockie mistake!)

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Easy! I encounter one problem but it was my own fault. Because the cotton was very see-through I decided to put two layers of fabric. The problem was that then I didn´t know what was right and what was the wrong side and I sewed two left legs! So, unsew one leg, sew it again and I was back on track.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I like the width on the legs. I found it very flattering for people with big tights (like me). I didn´t like the length (so I changed that)

Fabric use: Cotton from Potter´s  and a old grey T-shirt for the waist.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I made them longer than the pattern suggested.  The pattern is meant to be just above the knee, but I want it up to half my calf (I think it is more stylish!)

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I definitely will be sewing it again (will print it properly though!). It may be ´too-simple´ for experience sewers as it is not really a challenge but I like it 🙂

So, the final product is on the left. Due to my stupidity when printing the pattern, it turned out too tight on my hips, but I have learnt my lesson.

I would love to sew it again with two alterations: full length and higher waist.  I have the full length under control, but I am not sure how to make it higher waist, I would love it to look like this trousers from HarveyCloth:

On the Prowl

I recently watched a so-so American rom/com (“Timer”) which featured some rather fetching ensembles on Emma Caulfield. The styles were very ladylike, tailored yet feminine, and with simple lines in lush fabrics. There were oodles of tastefully pleated crepe blouses and ruffle-hemmed silk dresses, and I’m keen to completely rip off pay homage to some of these specimens.  Here’s an example of the frock I’d like to create:

Does anyone have good pattern suggestions for this? And what about fabric selection? I’m loving the red, but perhaps something slightly less opaque…any thoughts?

We got featured!

Our Apron Pattern got featured HERE

Thanks Vanessa for the link! 🙂