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March 2014 Sewing Camp (Part 1)

A few pics from the March 2014 Sewing Camp. A BIG thankyou to Elle for all your planning/organizational/culinary skills, without which this camp would not have happened.

Bunting! With my sewing group’s acronym = sewing geek heaven. Herald the way to sewing campdom… it’s not a sewing camp without some actual sewing going on….here are the ladies who put the “[sewing machine] pedal to the metal”during sewing camp weekend.

Kelly working on a mandarin collar:

Jacquie making another lovely knit top:

Kirsten tracing a pattern out of a BWOF magazine – see it can be done!’

Brenda -handstitching the lining on her retro style jacket (love the rust orange and navy combo!):

More pics to follow….



November meetup – relaxed sewing at Brenda’s

elizabeth's_avatarAfter the excitement of the Sewing Weekend Away, now also known as Sewing Camp, the November meet a week later was rather subdued.

Still, Sandra, Sarah W, Irene and I trotted along to Brenda’s house and had the nicest afternoon.  It was positively intimate, and we had wine and nibblies.

I managed to throw together a pair of loose, drawstring, summer shorts, Irene was working on the most fabulous Harry Potter cushion and Sandra knitted (?) knat?

I’m ashamed that I didn’t see what Brenda and Sarah were working on – perhaps they’d like to blog their projects?

Brenda’s place, by the way, is furnished with some absolutely gorgeous vintage pieces.  The woman has style.

Stay tuned to the Meetup site for the December meet.  We’ll do the Christmas ornament swap (so start beading!) and wish each other Merry Christmas.

Usually we take January off, but that’s not set in stone.  Does anyone want to host a January meet?

And – would anyone like to get together over afternoon tea to do some planning for next year?  Perhaps we could go back to some dedicated workshops?  Remember the knicker afternoon?

All good things must come to an end

I have some news that is a little bittersweet.

My professional and personal life are going through some big changes at the moment, and after a wonderful 4 years of hosting the BSC meets at my business premises, Sewanista Fashion Workshops’ studio, I’m afraid I am unable to continue hosting the meets there.

It’s good personally, because the changes are all positive and I now will have a little more flexibility, and sad at the same time, as I have really really enjoyed having you all hang out at my place, and I’ll miss the camaraderie, the inspiration, and the motivation to tidy the place up once a month!

I’m looking forward to the new direction our club will take. A few ideas were thrown around at the meet yesterday as to a new “clubhouse”, and it would be great to have input from all our members. We’re a big group, which should mean plenty of ideas!

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. It would be great to have a bunch of ideas and possibilities to choose from.

And don’t forget, too, that we have a weekend away coming up soon! I’m making plans already for that weekend. With my schedule the way it is at the moment, a weekend of chilling out with good friends will be just the ticket!

And don’t forget, if you haven’t already ‘liked’ my Facebook page, please pop on over and say hi. I’ve got some interesting projects in the pipeline, I’ll be spreading the word soon.

Cheers, Sandra

Burda Sewing Weekend Away 2013 – Fleur’s photos!


A  great weekend away, with as you can see a lot of machines set up raring to go…..


The view from outside our sewing room, a distraction in itself…

DSCN0397A friendly outside the room…

DSCN0404What we woke to in the morning, it was so amazing and so quiet…

DSCN0409This is the main building, and upstairs is the kitchen where Elle cooked up a storm and increased our waistlines for us (now that’s a problem when you’re sewing to fit).


Now this is the Burda mag I am using to make a couple of skirts out of, sorry can not remember which issue this is, when I have unpacked I will hunt it down and update for all. below is the finished skirt, i also made a black wool one and worked like a production line sewing the same stages as I went along.

I have also written about our great weekend away over on Fleurs Adventure In Sewing Mayhem .com with a little more info on what I got up to…

One of the two skirts made by Fleur, both featuring recycled handbag hardware as front pleat closures (Burdastyle magazine pattern).

One of the two skirts made by Fleur, both featuring recycled handbag hardware as front pleat closures (Burdastyle magazine pattern).

May 2013 Sewing Weekend Away

I thought I would add my pics in from the most recent BSCP Sewing Weekend Away, held at Moondyne Country Convention Centre.
(Please excuse the quality of these shots, I am a lousy photographer at the best of times and am in desperate need of a new camera!)

First up a few pics of the lovely scenery we found ourselves in. What a joy to look at this in between bouts of sewing:

convention deck

Main building of the convention centre, with deck views out over the valley

vista 3

More lovely views over the valley from under the main deck


Paddocks in front of the centre

Peaceful and rustic with amazing valley views,  Moondyne is truly a lovely place to spend a day or two.What a great place to have a sewing retreat with a group of like-minded sewists. Sadly until this weekend away I never knew such a gorgeous area existed right on our doorstep now I know I think that those of us living in Perth are very lucky indeed to have this close by.

The facilities at the centre were excellent, lovely homey dining room and kitchen area, great sleeping digs and -of most importance-  a large meeting room that we could use for sewing. Once arrived the group were quick to set up machines and stake out a spot on the trestle tables for sewing:

Sewing machine configuration

Sewing machine configuration

Three ironing stations were set up around the room, at the back two tables were pushed together to create a large area for pinning  and cutting, while another table to the side was set up for overlocking.

Leanne preparing to cut out jeans

Leanne preparing to cut out jeans

Having at least a couple of Sewing Weekend Away veterans (who have been to all three that have been hosted to date) meant that equipment was able to be organised so that not everyone had to bring their own set of everything (ironing board, cutting mats etc), and if anyone forgot something it was more than likely someone else had some to spare.

By Saturday afternoon some serious sewing had been done and several items were well under way:

Sarah L sewing

Sarah L at work on her “Crepe” (Collette patterns) dress

And come Sunday morning many were at or near completion:

Sarah M Sarah L Zoe

Sarah M whipping up a doona cover having already completed a dress, as you do…

Kat blouse

Kat in her lovely floral blouse that she made (pattern from Burdastyle book of sewing, fabric from Lincraft )

Irene dress

Irene in her nearly completed winter dress in a lovely wooly fabric, still with sleeves to be added.

We even managed to get one of the centre’s owners – the lovely and helpful Christine-  to join in with the sewing fun:

Chris ruler

Christine (co-owner of Moondyne Convention Centre) adjusting a pattern

Come Sunday lunchtime and several people were modelling newly made garments:

Leanne 1

Leanne’s SELF DRAFTED floral jeans, these looked awesome!!

Sarah L dress

Sarah L’s now finished Collette “Crepe” dress. Lovely fit and style and so well suited to the fabric she chose. A wrap dress with a difference in that it wraps at the back!

One of the two skirts made by Fleur, both featuring recycled handbag hardware as front pleat closures (Burdastyle magazine pattern).

One of the two skirts made by Fleur, both featuring recycled handbag hardware as front pleat closures (Burdastyle magazine pattern, fabric from Spotlight).

All up this was a wonderful weekend 🙂 We got to catch up with members old and new, exchange ideas plus learn new techniques off each other and -most importantly- partake in an indulgent two-day period of distraction free sewing!

Massive thanks to all who helped make this weekend possible: Christine and Peter for providing  a wonderful environment (and lovely hospitality) in which to set it, Elle for her A-MAZING culinary skills which kept us all well fed and feeling like mini foodies all weekend long 😉 and Sarah M for her super organisational skills which helped get everything and everyone together, on time and in the same place! If I have forgotten anyone I’m sorry and THANK YOU!!!

Finally here’s a pic of Gypsy – frequent visitor to Moondyne Convention Centre and all round adorable pooch:



August Meet (aka. FULL HOUSE!)

… and by “full house” I don’t mean the sitcom which made Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen famous.  Today was the August meet of the Burdastyle Perth Sewing Club.

Fifteen women came along to today’s meet, including 6 for the very first time – it was lovely to meet Amy, Kat, Sarah L, Joanne, Anna and Meg! We also welcomed back Sandra, Sarah W, Vanessa, Deb, Fleur, Helen, Leanne and Alyssa. This was a *big* turnout, particularly given 3+ of our “regulars” were missing – but it was so great to meet/see everyone there!

Four (or so) people were working on pairs of boxer shorts, a couple on quilts (as gifts for family members), and others on blouses, casual jersey tops, lingerie and more! Here everyone is – stretching Sandra’s Sewanista Fashion Workshop to capacity!

Fleur and Helen ::

Sarah, Joanne and Kat (in the foreground); Vanessa, Meg & Sandra (in the background).

At the meet it was also great to meet Meg, of independent pattern company Megan Nielsen  patterns. This [below] was the ensuing scene when Meg bought along some of her patterns to share – EXCITEMENT!

Expect to see some (more) newly sewn Kelly skirts,  Banksia tops and Darling Ranges dresses patterns around the Perth sewing community soon !::

Thanks to everyone who came along today! Hope to see you at the next meet on Saturday, 15 September.

Oh, and 2 final reminders…

  1. If you have a sewing project you’d like to share with the readers of this blog, let us know! Just send Sarah an email at with a couple of photos and a couple of paragraphs about your project (don’t stress, you don’t need to write War & Peace! ;)). We’d love to help share your sewing-awesome.
  2. If you have a blog which isn’t already included in our list of Perth sewing bloggers in the right-hand column, let us know with a comment below!

Boxer pants meet

Our next meet on Sunday August 19th, has been designated Boxer Shorts day. It’s not obligatory to make them, but if you’d like to, here’s a bunch of patterns and tutorials to consider.

Now, call them boxer shorts and wear them to bed, or tap pants and wear them under skirts, they are easy to draft and quick to sew. I’ve included a few links to tutorials for various styles.

Simple & Modern: these are the easiest to draft and sew.

Sweet & Vintage: scroll down to the circular tap pants and download the PDF. These are a little harder to sew, but have the advantage of no centre front and back seams. And I’m happy to help, once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll never look back.

If you like the idea of the circular tap pants but want a pant that isn’t so full and uses less fabric, I have a draft in an old Women’s Institute book from the 1930’s or 40’s. It’s fabulous.

I also have a few patterns for simple pants and if I rummage around I have a couple of genuine vintage “bloomer” style patterns. (Just like my Nana used to wear, I couldn’t make them without laughing uncontrollably.)

A pair of boxer shorts can be whipped up in no time, so if you haven’t got something more pressing to work on, bring some cute fabric and sort out your summer smalls.