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Special Potter Fabrics open morning

Hello everyone in Perth, Western Australia!

This Saturday is the Burda StyleClub Potter Textiles special opening.

Potters is the retail outlet of a designer fabric wholesaler, and the treasures in the shop are the stuff of whispered conversations. If you’ve never been, this is your chance.

The shop is usually open only weekdays 10-4pm, but Simon has agreed to open it up for Burda StyleClub Perth members and friends for a special Saturday morning, Saturday 9 August, 9am-12pm.

Tell your friends! As well as fabric off the roll, there are great tubs of remnants of the most inspiring kind. The prices for exquisite silks, linens wools and beautiful prints and wovens are very, very good.

There’s also a very nice deli a quick stroll up the road for a post-fabric-purchase cuppa and chat.

The shop is at 3 Auckland Street, North Perth. There’s no sign, but it’s next to Del’s Autos.

If you happen to have some clothes made in Potter fabric – wear them!


Last day Potters Textiles sale – Wed 8th Feb

If you haven’t been you need to go tomorrow, if you’ve been you need to go again as they have been putting out new stuff every day.  Then they will be putting out the winter fabrics and you will have to go again!

They are located at 12 MacEwan Street, West Perth around the corner from Jean Claude’s patisserie.  Open from 10am to 4pm Mon to Fri.

Meeting this Sunday and Spring at Potters

Yay!  After unfortunately missing the September meeting, I note that the next meeting of Perth BSC is this Sunday arvo, the 16th October.

If there are any other Perth sewists out there who would like to have a sew and a chat with a lovely, and very welcoming, bunch of people, please come along.  The meetings are great fun.   For location and time details:

And if, like me, you are wondering what project to start and feeling a bit ‘over’ drab winter things, I went into Potters Outlet Store the other day and it has lots of new spring stock in. Lots of nice jerseys and tshirt fabrics, plain and patterned. And lightweight blouseweights and digital prints.I have to confess that I walked in shortly after lunch time and ran into a fellow BSC member and we had a fabulous chat but for such a long time that they shut the shop around us.  And one of the staff quipped (in a very nice way) when she was leaving work that she would see us on Monday.  Like we would still be there chatting then!  Oh the shame.P.S.  I feel I should add one of those riders they have on political ads.  In this case ‘whilst Potters  staff probably think I am some fabric obsessive, I have no connection or affiliation with Potters.  Nor for that matter does BSC have any affiliation.   They just have really nice fabric ‘.

New City Fabric Shop

It’s been years since there was a fabric shop in Perth City Centre (when did Lincraft close?).   The last bastion of things sewing related in the City has been Kennedy’s in Queen Street which has a selection of threads and haberdashery.
I thought I was misreading when a flyer came from Fabulous Fabrics the other day mentioning their City Store – but no, it is true!   I went trotting down there one lunch time to investigate (with only a mobile phone as a camera I’m afraid).  It opened the week before last.
 The location is Forrest Place on the upper floor – the side facing David Jones.
It’s open 7 days a week – so if any of us run out of threads or zips or want to buy fabric on a Friday night or a Sunday arvo, help will now be at hand.
This is the sister shop to Fabulous Fabric’s Balcatta main store and whilst somewhat smaller than the latter, it is a nice, light, airy space with a good range of fabrics, trims, patterns, zips, haberdashery and buttons.   Check out the website at
They aim for the higher end market with a focus on evening and bridal fabrics but also have daywear fabrics with some nice tshirting and suiting in the shop at the moment. Yay!

Reminder: Potterama is coming soon!

Don’t forget – the Great May Potterama is quickly approaching!

Potter Textiles is a fabric wholesaler which sells fine fabrics to designers and retailers.  But, they also have a retail space – and it’s going to be opened especially for the BSC Perth Sewing Club on Saturday, May14!

If you’ve never been to a BSC Perth meet before – that’s okay! All are welcome… and, what’s more, we love to meet other people who enjoy sewing as much as we do… so come along!

Where: Potter Textiles, 12 Macewan Street, West Leederville (which runs off Loftus Street and is opposite a garish blue and yellow bedding shop.)
Date:  Saturday May 14, 2011
Time:  1.30 – 3pm.

Don’t forget to RSVP for this event on our new MeetUp page. But… don’t worry if you forget to RSVP – you’re welcome to come along either way!

The Great May Potterama

Mark this in your calendar – Potter Textiles is opening especially for BSC Perth.

The last special opening for us saw the Potter Textiles retail outlet – which is not a huge space – overrun with keen sewing-persons (what word to describe us? Seamstresses is so Victorian, sewers has plumbing connotations).  It was also unbearably hot.

This time the weather will be a lot more pleasant, and the bargains and inspirations will be just as impressive.

Simon has asked us to wear garments we’ve made from Potter fabrics.  Those who’ve never been to Potter’s are, of course, excused from this.

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

The Great May Potterama
Potter Textiles
Saturday May 14, 2011
1.30 – 3pm.
12 Macewan Street, West Leederville, which runs off Loftus Street and is opposite a garish blue and yellow bedding shop.

Don’t forget to RSVP for this event on our new MeetUp page. But… don’t worry if you forget to RSVP – you’re welcome to come along either way!

Mission Accomplished: Potters Textile Invasion

What an amazing afternoon we all had invading Potters Textiles in West Leederville?! The team opened up today at 1:30pm just for us. How lucky are we girls?


So we swarmed on them like hungry locusts to a prime crop. The fabric purchase queue stretched the length of their modest store and I was surprised there was anything left once we were done. I didn’t get a true count but I’d guess we easily had 50 beautiful and wide-eyed Perth seamstresses enjoying the amazing range.

From Aurelio Costarella to Zimmerman

Those who could stay a bit longer enjoyed a talk from Simon about the history of Potters and the designers they supply (from Aurelio Costarella to Zimmerman no less and everyone in between) it was neat to discover we are purchasing fabric that these big labels also purchase (the image above, perfect example, who bought the fabric on the left? It was in the store, I think I’ll be going back on Monday to nab myself some!).

If you missed out we are planning to repeat this successful day in about 3 months time and we think it would be great if we all show up wearing something we’ve made with their fabrics. Why don’t you pop down there yourself? They change their fabrics around about every 2-3 weeks.

My Potters purchases

Here is what I managed to buy, not a lot compared to some girls (you know who I mean, hehe) 100% silk sheer ($16.95/m) and 100% cotton stripe ($8.95/m), they will become a blouse (maybe another JJ) and a skirt I think.







What was your favourite purchase from today? What are you going to make from it?