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Special Potter Fabrics open morning

Hello everyone in Perth, Western Australia!

This Saturday is the Burda StyleClub Potter Textiles special opening.

Potters is the retail outlet of a designer fabric wholesaler, and the treasures in the shop are the stuff of whispered conversations. If you’ve never been, this is your chance.

The shop is usually open only weekdays 10-4pm, but Simon has agreed to open it up for Burda StyleClub Perth members and friends for a special Saturday morning, Saturday 9 August, 9am-12pm.

Tell your friends! As well as fabric off the roll, there are great tubs of remnants of the most inspiring kind. The prices for exquisite silks, linens wools and beautiful prints and wovens are very, very good.

There’s also a very nice deli a quick stroll up the road for a post-fabric-purchase cuppa and chat.

The shop is at 3 Auckland Street, North Perth. There’s no sign, but it’s next to Del’s Autos.

If you happen to have some clothes made in Potter fabric – wear them!


March 2014 Sewing Camp (Part 1)

A few pics from the March 2014 Sewing Camp. A BIG thankyou to Elle for all your planning/organizational/culinary skills, without which this camp would not have happened.

Bunting! With my sewing group’s acronym = sewing geek heaven. Herald the way to sewing campdom… it’s not a sewing camp without some actual sewing going on….here are the ladies who put the “[sewing machine] pedal to the metal”during sewing camp weekend.

Kelly working on a mandarin collar:

Jacquie making another lovely knit top:

Kirsten tracing a pattern out of a BWOF magazine – see it can be done!’

Brenda -handstitching the lining on her retro style jacket (love the rust orange and navy combo!):

More pics to follow….


December meetup – christmas swap special

Ho ho ho

The next meetup is the 15th of December so please go to to RSVP if you are coming.  This meet is at my house and the address and directions are in the comments of meetup.  I have a pool so you are welcome to bring your bathers and sneak out for a swim, extra points if its made from the bombshell pattern!

Last year we had a Christmas ornament swap which was a lot of fun so we are doing it again.  Basically make an ornament, wrap it up and then we swap anonymously.  Check out the following links for ideas.

And here is one from Martha Stewart, dog not included.


November meetup – relaxed sewing at Brenda’s

elizabeth's_avatarAfter the excitement of the Sewing Weekend Away, now also known as Sewing Camp, the November meet a week later was rather subdued.

Still, Sandra, Sarah W, Irene and I trotted along to Brenda’s house and had the nicest afternoon.  It was positively intimate, and we had wine and nibblies.

I managed to throw together a pair of loose, drawstring, summer shorts, Irene was working on the most fabulous Harry Potter cushion and Sandra knitted (?) knat?

I’m ashamed that I didn’t see what Brenda and Sarah were working on – perhaps they’d like to blog their projects?

Brenda’s place, by the way, is furnished with some absolutely gorgeous vintage pieces.  The woman has style.

Stay tuned to the Meetup site for the December meet.  We’ll do the Christmas ornament swap (so start beading!) and wish each other Merry Christmas.

Usually we take January off, but that’s not set in stone.  Does anyone want to host a January meet?

And – would anyone like to get together over afternoon tea to do some planning for next year?  Perhaps we could go back to some dedicated workshops?  Remember the knicker afternoon?

Where to from here?

elizabeth's_avatarWith the changes that have been happening around Burda Style Club Perth lately, there have been some mutterings and frowny faces.

No one wants anyone to feel unhappy or not included, so how about getting together, getting all our thoughts out and sorting things out?

**Update – our next sewing meet is on Sunday 20 October at Sarah W’s house.  Do we want to have this discussion then or separately?

Who’d like to host? Should we include afternoon tea?

Should we think about having a president/secretary/treasurer sort of set-up with elections and so forth? Or a committee without particular roles to just manage stuff? Or something else entirely?

Do we want to do some forward planning with venues and specific topics for each meet? Do we want to book a venue and pay for it? Does anyone have any other ideas on where to meet?

Do we still want to be a Burda Style Club and use the BSC meetup site and format and so forth?

If we put forward points of view in the comments, it should be fairly clear how we want to go about this.

All good things must come to an end

I have some news that is a little bittersweet.

My professional and personal life are going through some big changes at the moment, and after a wonderful 4 years of hosting the BSC meets at my business premises, Sewanista Fashion Workshops’ studio, I’m afraid I am unable to continue hosting the meets there.

It’s good personally, because the changes are all positive and I now will have a little more flexibility, and sad at the same time, as I have really really enjoyed having you all hang out at my place, and I’ll miss the camaraderie, the inspiration, and the motivation to tidy the place up once a month!

I’m looking forward to the new direction our club will take. A few ideas were thrown around at the meet yesterday as to a new “clubhouse”, and it would be great to have input from all our members. We’re a big group, which should mean plenty of ideas!

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. It would be great to have a bunch of ideas and possibilities to choose from.

And don’t forget, too, that we have a weekend away coming up soon! I’m making plans already for that weekend. With my schedule the way it is at the moment, a weekend of chilling out with good friends will be just the ticket!

And don’t forget, if you haven’t already ‘liked’ my Facebook page, please pop on over and say hi. I’ve got some interesting projects in the pipeline, I’ll be spreading the word soon.

Cheers, Sandra

Burda Sewing Weekend Away 2013 – Fleur’s photos!


A  great weekend away, with as you can see a lot of machines set up raring to go…..


The view from outside our sewing room, a distraction in itself…

DSCN0397A friendly outside the room…

DSCN0404What we woke to in the morning, it was so amazing and so quiet…

DSCN0409This is the main building, and upstairs is the kitchen where Elle cooked up a storm and increased our waistlines for us (now that’s a problem when you’re sewing to fit).


Now this is the Burda mag I am using to make a couple of skirts out of, sorry can not remember which issue this is, when I have unpacked I will hunt it down and update for all. below is the finished skirt, i also made a black wool one and worked like a production line sewing the same stages as I went along.

I have also written about our great weekend away over on Fleurs Adventure In Sewing Mayhem .com with a little more info on what I got up to…

One of the two skirts made by Fleur, both featuring recycled handbag hardware as front pleat closures (Burdastyle magazine pattern).

One of the two skirts made by Fleur, both featuring recycled handbag hardware as front pleat closures (Burdastyle magazine pattern).