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December meetup – christmas swap special

Ho ho ho

The next meetup is the 15th of December so please go to to RSVP if you are coming.  This meet is at my house and the address and directions are in the comments of meetup.  I have a pool so you are welcome to bring your bathers and sneak out for a swim, extra points if its made from the bombshell pattern!

Last year we had a Christmas ornament swap which was a lot of fun so we are doing it again.  Basically make an ornament, wrap it up and then we swap anonymously.  Check out the following links for ideas.

And here is one from Martha Stewart, dog not included.



Pincushion cuff

I’ve been wanting a pincushion I could wear on my wrist for a while now and I bit the bullet today and made one using the tutorial on the Michelle Patterns blog.  This reminds me that I’ve purchased a number of her bag patterns and I really need to have a go at making the Messenger Bag next.

I dug out some fabric I bought at the recent Homecraft sale and also made a covered button using  a scrap of the fabric.  I’m really happy with it and you’ll definitely see me using it at all future BSC meets.  It doesn’t take long to make and I highly recommend it.  Definitely follow the suggestion to use a strip of plastic to stop you accidently poking pins into your wrist.

Speaking of BSC meets, we miss all of you who haven’t been for a while.  So make sure you come to the April meet and show us what you have been making.


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Sewing sale – swim/dancewear fabric, trims, notions etc


I saw this advert on

I rang Denise and she is downsizing her business and selling lots of fabric for $3 a metre, trims, bra cups 20c (if you have bought these you know how expensive they are).  Also industrial machines, patternhooks, scissors and lots of other stuff.  The business is located next to West Leederville trainstation; Sarah I can hear you squealing at close it is to your work.  Denise said it would be wise to ring beforehand as they are not always there.  I’m planning on checking it out tomorrow as I think I may need my car to carry it all home.


The February “Sew your own knickers” meet

This year some Perth BSC sewists met at Elizabeth’s home lured by brunch and champagne and sewing talk.  However we were really there to come up with some ideas for themed meets for 2012.  After seeing some bloggers talking about how easy it is to make your own underwear I thought it would be a good one to try as it seemed achievable for an afternoon sewing session.  So the plan was set and in February we all congregated at my place on a hot and steamy day for an arvo of knicker sewing.

Unfortunately “Sewanista” was unable to make it with her unlimitless knowledge and help however I had recently been to a Janome “Sew your own bathers” workshop and knew the basics of what we should be doing.  Some of us chose to use patterns off the internet and others threw caution to the wind and drafted their own from scratch.

After 3 hours of sewing we had sewn up a range of completed knickers from granny to boyleg to risqué animal print g-style.

So the true test is in the wearing.  Unfortunately for me I managed to sew a 10cm crotch for my knickers (the green ones third from the left) so it felt like I was wearing a nappy.  One of those situations where you are so focused on the details that you don’t step back and see the big picture.  I’m not deterred though and will be making some more, I might even use one of those silk jerseys I’ve bought from Potters!

Another first for our group, we got to use the awesome name tags Sarah brought along.


Last day Potters Textiles sale – Wed 8th Feb

If you haven’t been you need to go tomorrow, if you’ve been you need to go again as they have been putting out new stuff every day.  Then they will be putting out the winter fabrics and you will have to go again!

They are located at 12 MacEwan Street, West Perth around the corner from Jean Claude’s patisserie.  Open from 10am to 4pm Mon to Fri.

Perth Burdastyle Meet February

Hi everyone

The next meet is being held at my house in Rivervale and we’re making knickers.  As with all the meets this year if you just want to bring along a project to sew you can do that instead.

However if you do want to have a go at making undies there are a number of helpful tutorials on the internet.  I’ve set up a Pinterest board which you can access by clicking on .  You shouldn’t need to log in but if you have any problems let me know.

For those of you who haven’t used Pinterest it’s a great resource for saving inspiration from the internet.  When you click on a pinned image it will take you to the source webpage.  If you set up your own login you can re-pin others people’s pins and follow their boards.  I’ve set up a board for the meet with pins for some tutorials for drafting your own knickers, how to sew knicker elastic and also some patterns you can purchase.  February’s Burda mag also has some 50’s inspired underwear and you are welcome to trace the pattern from my magazine.

For materials, you can get knicker elastic from Spotlight however the colours are not that exciting but you could try dyeing it to jazz it up.  There are also various elastics including foldover elastic available at in St James.  For material, you can use left over jersey or an old t-shirt.  There is also a pin for a pattern by The Maker’s Journal, who are a couple of Melbourne designers and they have used a light weight Liberty woven.

Don’t forget to RSVP on the meetup page and email for my address.  See you soon Vanessa.

PS. for anyone not in the know, Potter’s are having a 50% off everything sale for a week starting Wednesday.  You can also friend them on Facebook now “Fabric Outlet Shop”

Mad Men Meetup

Hi All,

In case you haven’t heard there is an exhibit in Perth of costumes from the Mad Men tv show.  I propose that we have a meetup to check out the fashions.  The exhibit is Enex100 in the city so we could meet there after work this Friday the 21st about 5.30.  We can look at all the frocks and then have a champagne somewhere after.  I’ll put an invite on meetup so I hope you can make it.  If you can’t, you can check out the display till the end of the month.


mad for fashion

“In a world first, enex100 premieres Mad for Fashion, the biggest exhibition ever stagged featuring original costumes from the Emmy Award winning television series.

This exclusive exhibition of the cult show’s most iconic looks is curated by Mad Men’s Costume Designer, Janie Bryant.

Featuring top-to-toe looks hot off the set, from Betty’s classic Grace Kelly cupcake dresses, and Joan’s Marilyn Monroe-esque pencil skirts, to Don Draper’s debonair suits.

Mad Men has reshaped and influenced the collections of the world’s leading names in fashion. From Prada and Louis Vuitton to Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, Mad Men signature silhouttes have taken over the runway. The Mad Men fashion mastermind has made it in vogue for modern women and men to dress well.

Some of the show’s most iconic looks have been selected for the exhibition, providing an intoxicating dip into a decade filled with allure, romance and style.”