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January 6, 2013 – Unveiled!

sarahs_avatarThe WA Museum is currently hosting an exhibition all the way from London’s Victoria & Albert Museum – wedding dresses! Lingerie! Hats! Shoes! See website. From the website:

Relive 200 years of romance and glamour with this dramatic collection of wedding fashion from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

This exhibition traces the development of the fashionable white wedding dress and shows how both brides and designers have stamped their own style on tradition. It considers the influence of the wedding industry, the effect of the increasing media focus on wedding fashions, and the excitement generated by society and celebrity weddings.

The exhibition features 65 wedding outfits and accessories of both brides and bridegrooms. The range of accessories includes veils, hats, shoes, wreaths, and lingerie.

Interested in going along and checking it out? Well, the exhibition is on display until 24 March 2013. But, a group from the sewing club will be heading along on Sunday, January 6 at 1pm. Visit MeetUp to RSVP if you want to join us!

Just for the record, 98% of the reason I’m going along is to see Gwen Stefani’s John Galliano-designed wedding dress (below)!!


Sewing Club Meets 2013

sarahs_avatarHi everyone! For your new, shiny diaries… here are the dates for the 2013 meets of the Perth BSC Sewing Club!

In 2013, meets will continue to alternate between Saturdays and Sundays, beginning at 1:30pm.  Dates for the meets are as follows:

  • Saturday, January 19
  • Sunday, February 17
  • Saturday March 16
  • Sunday, April 14 (also proposed month for sewing weekend away)
  • Saturday, May 18
  • Sunday, June 16
  • Sunday, July 21
  • Sunday, August 18
  • Sunday, September 15
  • Sunday, October 13 (also proposed month for sewing weekend away)
  • Sunday, November 17
  • Sunday, December 15

Most meets will continue to be held at the Sewanista Fashion Workshop in Malaga – thanks to Sandra for her ongoing generosity. (Don’t forget to check out the Sewanista Facebook page!) However, as in previous years, the January & February meets will be held elsewhere – I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the January meet.

Don’t forget to join our MeetUp page for notifications relating to scheduled meets – and please do your best to remember to RSVP… we’ve been close to or at capacity a few times in the last year, and we’ve got to make sure we have enough chairs for everyone!

See you in 2013 for more sewing!

Christmas (Decoration) MeetUp!

As most of you would know, the next BSCPerth meet is coming up on Sunday, 16 December – it’s the last meet of 2012, and right before Christmas!

The suggestion has been made (supported and accepted) that we should hold the 2012 GREAT CHRISTMAS DECORATION SWAP at the December meet. So, do you want in?!

Here’s what you need to know (don’t worry, it’s pretty simple and straight forward ;))…

For the 2012 GREAT CHRISTMAS DECORATION SWAP you need to bring along a handmade Christmas decoration suitable for hanging on a Christmas tree! If you want to bring more than one ornament, thus entitling you to take home an equal number of ornaments, you can also do that! Wrap your ornament(s) up, and place it in the box when you get to the meet. Then, it’ll be a lucky dip to see which ornament(s) you get to take home with you! Simple 🙂

Need inspiration for a simple Christmas decoration to make? Take a look over on Pinterest,  on the Bugs & Fishes blog, or  just Google (images) it!

It’s that time of year again…

The Curious Kiwi here – reporting in from NZ 😉 I hope you guys don’t mind me hi-jacking the blog for a bit but I thought this might be a cool idea for a BSC meet in November – making a Christmas decoration for a swap partner. Just an idea…who knows, one of you might get me and I might get one of you, hehe xx

via thecuriouskiwi

I have signed up for the New Zealand Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap.

I signed up for the first time last year and enjoyed getting a surprise so much that I have decided to do it again.

Actually this year, now that life is more normal and settled for a change, I am considering making all my family home-made gifts. It might just be an ornament each or something more substantial depending on each person but I am starting to gather ideas, some I might be able to share (certain family members do blog-stalk me so I have to be careful, isn’t that right SIL-with-itchy-feet?)

Anyway, just a quick post to explain how it all works:

You sign up on the NZ Handmade page here, time is ticking, you have until October 28th. Then you get sent a swap partner and create your gorgeous ornament (plus handmade card) and post it away to them by November 30th – heaps of time! 😉 They also post lots of ideas and tutorial links on the NZ Handmade page.

If you are interested, this is my swap from last year, pretty cool huh?

Ann’s Christmas ornament for me

My Christmas ornament for Ann (plus one for me, hehe!)

It’s open to all crafty bloggers all over the world so how about you join me? Maybe we’ll get each other!

Great Dwellingup Sewing Retreat II

Since our last, very successful weekend sewing retreat in June… there has been much demand for another! So, we’re making it happen again in November!

Here’s the general plan ::

  • Travel to to the Forest Heritage Centre in Dwellingup on the afternoon of Friday, 16 November. There will probably be opportunities for car pooling amongst members. Leave Perth whatever time works for you/whatever time you can get away from work etc. I suggest travelling down on Friday afternoon/evening because, that way you get ALL DAY Saturday to sew!
  • We will spend 2 nights in the Forest Heritage Centre accommodation. The FHC offers single rooms, with shared bathroom facilities. It’s basic… but comfortable. The rooms cost $35 per night. Bring cash to hand to the FHC caretaker.
  • We will spend most of Saturday 17 November sewing. You can work on whatever project you want – we’ll have a chat at the next meet about whether there’s any project that multiple people want to work on etc, but ultimately it’s up to you! We will also have the opportunity to do some more sewing on Sunday, before packing up and heading back to Perth on the afternoon of Sunday 18 November.
  • Food-wise, we will most likely:: prepare a simple shared dinner on Friday evening in the communal kitchen space in Dwellingup; go out for dinner at a local cafe on Saturday evening (it’s a relatively short walk/drive into the “downtown Dwellingup”); go to a cafe for Sunday breakfast; other meals we’ll probably prepare onsite… but we’ll figure out the details in the lead up!

HUZZAH!! Hope you can come. 🙂

If you have any questions, please email, or call Sarah on 0401 090 002.

Don’t forget to RSVP over on the Meetup site.

August Meet (aka. FULL HOUSE!)

… and by “full house” I don’t mean the sitcom which made Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen famous.  Today was the August meet of the Burdastyle Perth Sewing Club.

Fifteen women came along to today’s meet, including 6 for the very first time – it was lovely to meet Amy, Kat, Sarah L, Joanne, Anna and Meg! We also welcomed back Sandra, Sarah W, Vanessa, Deb, Fleur, Helen, Leanne and Alyssa. This was a *big* turnout, particularly given 3+ of our “regulars” were missing – but it was so great to meet/see everyone there!

Four (or so) people were working on pairs of boxer shorts, a couple on quilts (as gifts for family members), and others on blouses, casual jersey tops, lingerie and more! Here everyone is – stretching Sandra’s Sewanista Fashion Workshop to capacity!

Fleur and Helen ::

Sarah, Joanne and Kat (in the foreground); Vanessa, Meg & Sandra (in the background).

At the meet it was also great to meet Meg, of independent pattern company Megan Nielsen  patterns. This [below] was the ensuing scene when Meg bought along some of her patterns to share – EXCITEMENT!

Expect to see some (more) newly sewn Kelly skirts,  Banksia tops and Darling Ranges dresses patterns around the Perth sewing community soon !::

Thanks to everyone who came along today! Hope to see you at the next meet on Saturday, 15 September.

Oh, and 2 final reminders…

  1. If you have a sewing project you’d like to share with the readers of this blog, let us know! Just send Sarah an email at with a couple of photos and a couple of paragraphs about your project (don’t stress, you don’t need to write War & Peace! ;)). We’d love to help share your sewing-awesome.
  2. If you have a blog which isn’t already included in our list of Perth sewing bloggers in the right-hand column, let us know with a comment below!

Alyssa’s butter ball beauty!

Yesterday Alyssa responded to a shoutout on the BSCPerth Facebook page (do you “like” us?) for more member contributions to be featured here on the blog. WOW! What an impressive contribution – Alyssa sewed A BALL DRESS! And not just any ball dress.. but A SPECTACULARLY GORGEOUS BALL DRESS! Check out the photos, and what Alyssa said about the project, below :)).

Basically it’s a ball dress that I made for a work ball. It’s made from shot silk only $15 a meter! (the cheapest thing i could find that would pull off as “formal”- I was a bit broke at the time).

The top half is from a vintage burda wedding dress pattern, and the bottom half sort of just got made up along the way. 

Here’s a photo of the vintage pattern on which the bodice was based (*gasp!* Those pleats!)::

And some photos of the finished product::



It’s not perfect but it worked- (I didn’t include enough “ease” through the bottom half i don’t think). Was meant to have an invisible zip too but that didn’t quite come out as planned as it was too bulky to do up. I didn’t have time to trouble shoot so I just turned it into “a not so invisible ‘invisible’ zip”. Aside from those two little bodgies i was fairly happy with it. I had lots of fun making it and wearing it too!

Alyssa has written more about the inspiration for the dress over on her sewing blog. You can even see photos of the dress “in action” over there too!

Thanks for sharing Alyssa!