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March 2014 Sewing Camp (Part 1)

A few pics from the March 2014 Sewing Camp. A BIG thankyou to Elle for all your planning/organizational/culinary skills, without which this camp would not have happened.

Bunting! With my sewing group’s acronym = sewing geek heaven. Herald the way to sewing campdom… it’s not a sewing camp without some actual sewing going on….here are the ladies who put the “[sewing machine] pedal to the metal”during sewing camp weekend.

Kelly working on a mandarin collar:

Jacquie making another lovely knit top:

Kirsten tracing a pattern out of a BWOF magazine – see it can be done!’

Brenda -handstitching the lining on her retro style jacket (love the rust orange and navy combo!):

More pics to follow….



Elle’s Recipes from the May SWA 2013

Undoubtedly one of the best parts about our recent Sewing Weekend Away – besides the sewing – was the FOOD! Elle being a uber foodie (she grows a lot of her own produce) and BSCP’s own version of a Master Chef, kindly voluntered to cook ALL the meals for the WHOLE time we were there.

Elle kitchen

Head Chef Elle in her element!

Thats 2 dinners, 3 lunches, 3 breakfasts and snacks for morning/afternoon tea! And if you think she got away with serving toast and cereal for brekkie, or store brought bickies for afternoon tea think again- EVERYTHING was made from scratch and we had cooked breakfasts both days yum yum!
In fact I (half) joked that by the time we left none of us would fit into our garments we had been making as we would all be at least a size bigger.  Elle made sure we all were VERY well fed!
Someone very sensibly drew up a roster for everyone else to take turns as clean up crew and “sous chef” – so be assured Elle did actually get a break from the kitchen!

Oh and did I mention Elle also brought along freshly ground coffee that her husband has roasted himself? LEGEND!

So everyone was super impressed (and stuffed) with the dishes Elle created and she has very kindly provided some of her recipes:

elles cake

Elle’s Jammy Plum Cake

Elle’s jammy plum cake
(makes enough for about 12 people

Preheat oven to 180deg C
Line a lamington tin with baking parchment
9oz unsalted butter
9oz sugar
4 eggs
Drizzle vanilla extract
9oz SR flour
About 6 plums (or peaches or apricots or strawberries or blueberries…)
More sugar to sprinkle
Cinnamon to sprinkle, optional

Cream butter and sugar
Mix in eggs, one at a time
Mix in vanilla
Sift in flour and mix well
Use a floured spatula to spread cake mixture into your tin
Arrange the sliced fruit on top and sprinkle fairly generously with the sugar (and cinnamon)

Bake about 45 mins

Fabulous served hot.
Bread and butter pudding
(for four)

Preheat oven to 180deg C

Sliced white bread (any bread, include brioche or fruit toast works too)
Unsalted butter
Strained marmalade
Five eggs
1 cup milk
Half a cup cream
Dribble vanilla extract
2 tablespoons sugar

You can cut the crusts off your bread, but I don’t.

Butter your bread, then spread thinly with strained marmalade
Arrange loosely in your baking dish.  Three layers is usually enough
Whisk together eggs, sugar, vanilla, milk and cream.  Depending on  how much bread you use and how big your dish is, you might need two lots of this custard.
Pour custard over bread/butter/marmalade making sure bread is soaked.
Sprinkle extra sugar on top if you like a toffee crust.
Bake until custard is set
Serve with icecream.

Fish in creamy wine sauce
(for four)

Three fillets white fish (whiting, cobbler, ling, basa, whatever you have at hand) cut into cubes
Half a cup of plain flour
Salt and pepper
Oil for frying
Handful chopped dill
1 tablespoon unsalted butter (roughly)
1.5 tablespoons of flour (roughly)
Half a bottle of white wine
Half a cup of cream

Preheat oven to 200deg C

Mix salt and pepper into flour and dredge fish
Fry fish in batches until crust is crisp and golden
Put fish into baking dish
In a saucepan melt butter gently, stir in flour and wine to make a white sauce.  Stir over gentle heat until it thickens
Add cream and dill to sauce, and season with salt and pepper to taste.
Pour sauce over fish
Bake about 30 minutes until fish is cooked and sauce has started to go golden and crisp on top.

Lemony, garlicky broccoli
(for four)

1 head of broccoli cut into florets, doesn’t matter what size so long as they’re about the same size.
1 quarter preserved lemon rind
1 tablespoon butter
2 cloves garlic, crushed and chopped finely
Pepper to taste

Boil broccoli until cooked but still crisp
In a small frying pan, melt butter and sauté garlic and finely chopped lemon.  Don’t let the garlic go brown. Season with pepper
Pour lemon/garlic mix over broccoli and toss to coat.

If there are any other recipe’s of Elle’s you would like please leave a comment and we will see what can be done!

May 2013 Sewing Weekend Away

I thought I would add my pics in from the most recent BSCP Sewing Weekend Away, held at Moondyne Country Convention Centre.
(Please excuse the quality of these shots, I am a lousy photographer at the best of times and am in desperate need of a new camera!)

First up a few pics of the lovely scenery we found ourselves in. What a joy to look at this in between bouts of sewing:

convention deck

Main building of the convention centre, with deck views out over the valley

vista 3

More lovely views over the valley from under the main deck


Paddocks in front of the centre

Peaceful and rustic with amazing valley views,  Moondyne is truly a lovely place to spend a day or two.What a great place to have a sewing retreat with a group of like-minded sewists. Sadly until this weekend away I never knew such a gorgeous area existed right on our doorstep now I know I think that those of us living in Perth are very lucky indeed to have this close by.

The facilities at the centre were excellent, lovely homey dining room and kitchen area, great sleeping digs and -of most importance-  a large meeting room that we could use for sewing. Once arrived the group were quick to set up machines and stake out a spot on the trestle tables for sewing:

Sewing machine configuration

Sewing machine configuration

Three ironing stations were set up around the room, at the back two tables were pushed together to create a large area for pinning  and cutting, while another table to the side was set up for overlocking.

Leanne preparing to cut out jeans

Leanne preparing to cut out jeans

Having at least a couple of Sewing Weekend Away veterans (who have been to all three that have been hosted to date) meant that equipment was able to be organised so that not everyone had to bring their own set of everything (ironing board, cutting mats etc), and if anyone forgot something it was more than likely someone else had some to spare.

By Saturday afternoon some serious sewing had been done and several items were well under way:

Sarah L sewing

Sarah L at work on her “Crepe” (Collette patterns) dress

And come Sunday morning many were at or near completion:

Sarah M Sarah L Zoe

Sarah M whipping up a doona cover having already completed a dress, as you do…

Kat blouse

Kat in her lovely floral blouse that she made (pattern from Burdastyle book of sewing, fabric from Lincraft )

Irene dress

Irene in her nearly completed winter dress in a lovely wooly fabric, still with sleeves to be added.

We even managed to get one of the centre’s owners – the lovely and helpful Christine-  to join in with the sewing fun:

Chris ruler

Christine (co-owner of Moondyne Convention Centre) adjusting a pattern

Come Sunday lunchtime and several people were modelling newly made garments:

Leanne 1

Leanne’s SELF DRAFTED floral jeans, these looked awesome!!

Sarah L dress

Sarah L’s now finished Collette “Crepe” dress. Lovely fit and style and so well suited to the fabric she chose. A wrap dress with a difference in that it wraps at the back!

One of the two skirts made by Fleur, both featuring recycled handbag hardware as front pleat closures (Burdastyle magazine pattern).

One of the two skirts made by Fleur, both featuring recycled handbag hardware as front pleat closures (Burdastyle magazine pattern, fabric from Spotlight).

All up this was a wonderful weekend 🙂 We got to catch up with members old and new, exchange ideas plus learn new techniques off each other and -most importantly- partake in an indulgent two-day period of distraction free sewing!

Massive thanks to all who helped make this weekend possible: Christine and Peter for providing  a wonderful environment (and lovely hospitality) in which to set it, Elle for her A-MAZING culinary skills which kept us all well fed and feeling like mini foodies all weekend long 😉 and Sarah M for her super organisational skills which helped get everything and everyone together, on time and in the same place! If I have forgotten anyone I’m sorry and THANK YOU!!!

Finally here’s a pic of Gypsy – frequent visitor to Moondyne Convention Centre and all round adorable pooch:



Photo’s from the December MeetUp

Hi Everyone!

My name’s Kate – I’m a sporadic attendee of the Perth Burdastyle Sewing Club (due to family commitments) but I am always there in spirit and have really enjoyed the few event’s I have been able to make so far 🙂 Most recently I took part in the 2012 Great Christmas Ornament Swap, a really fun idea that added an air of festivity to our December MeetUp.

The following are a few pics I snapped in between madly trying to get my Christmas sewing done and imbibing in the bubbly (I apologise for quality in advance, my photography skills are a bit average at best):

Sarah brought her quilt along to work on...

Sarah brought her quilt along to work on…

...and here she is busily piecing with tiny, tiny stitches!

…and here she is busily piecing with tiny, tiny stitches!

Vanessa draws out her swap ornament

Vanessa draws out her swap ornament

Sarah M received two felt ornaments made by Vanessa. The gingerbread man has had his leg chomped off :)

Sarah M received two felt ornaments made by Vanessa. The gingerbread man has been nibbled on by hungry elves..

Debra received this beautifully embroidered cube

Debra received this beautifully embroidered cube ornament.

The very cute gingerbread girl ornament that I took home!

The very cute gingerbread girl ornament that I took home!

And a toast to the Holiday Season!!

And a toast to the Holiday Season!!

Now I’m sure I saw a few other club members with camera’s out so stayed tuned, there may be more pics to come!