Special Potter Fabrics open morning

Hello everyone in Perth, Western Australia!

This Saturday is the Burda StyleClub Potter Textiles special opening.

Potters is the retail outlet of a designer fabric wholesaler, and the treasures in the shop are the stuff of whispered conversations. If you’ve never been, this is your chance.

The shop is usually open only weekdays 10-4pm, but Simon has agreed to open it up for Burda StyleClub Perth members and friends for a special Saturday morning, Saturday 9 August, 9am-12pm.

Tell your friends! As well as fabric off the roll, there are great tubs of remnants of the most inspiring kind. The prices for exquisite silks, linens wools and beautiful prints and wovens are very, very good.

There’s also a very nice deli a quick stroll up the road for a post-fabric-purchase cuppa and chat.

The shop is at 3 Auckland Street, North Perth. There’s no sign, but it’s next to Del’s Autos.

If you happen to have some clothes made in Potter fabric – wear them!

2 responses to “Special Potter Fabrics open morning

  1. Hi everyone. Went to Potters Textiles today. Must have missed everyone. Bought some fine cotton to make a blouse to go under the velvet jacket and long skirt I am making for the school ball I am organising. Wondered if anyone had a burda pattern 7126 they would not mind lending me at the next seeing day. It is a three version pattern of an empire line blouse.

  2. Elizabeth LiketheQueen

    Hello Donna – what a pity you missed us – when I got there, the shop was full and there were at least half a dozen BSC regulars. Will we see you at McKenna’s house tomorrow (Sunday 17/08) for the August meet?

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