November meetup – relaxed sewing at Brenda’s

elizabeth's_avatarAfter the excitement of the Sewing Weekend Away, now also known as Sewing Camp, the November meet a week later was rather subdued.

Still, Sandra, Sarah W, Irene and I trotted along to Brenda’s house and had the nicest afternoon.  It was positively intimate, and we had wine and nibblies.

I managed to throw together a pair of loose, drawstring, summer shorts, Irene was working on the most fabulous Harry Potter cushion and Sandra knitted (?) knat?

I’m ashamed that I didn’t see what Brenda and Sarah were working on – perhaps they’d like to blog their projects?

Brenda’s place, by the way, is furnished with some absolutely gorgeous vintage pieces.  The woman has style.

Stay tuned to the Meetup site for the December meet.  We’ll do the Christmas ornament swap (so start beading!) and wish each other Merry Christmas.

Usually we take January off, but that’s not set in stone.  Does anyone want to host a January meet?

And – would anyone like to get together over afternoon tea to do some planning for next year?  Perhaps we could go back to some dedicated workshops?  Remember the knicker afternoon?


2 responses to “November meetup – relaxed sewing at Brenda’s

  1. Crocheted, in fact. I have a sock that i pick up in spare moments. Sadly I can’t remember where the instructions came from, so it may only ever be *A* sock. It was a lovely afternoon, Sarah was making a dress with a pattern from By Hand, London, and Brenda was restyling a jumper. And I had just enough bubbly to talk Non. Stop. It was fun 🙂

  2. Hi Ladies, I have yet to actually make a meeting after discovering this group in late Oct. I would volunteer to host a meet up but perhaps I should come to a meeting first to see if you’d like me to join the group. I’m a real novice at sewing garments (though I’ve been a quilter for years). I’d like to attend the Dec get together (with an ornament in hand).

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