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The next BSC sewing sleepover

elizabeth's_avatarChristine and Peter are rather looking forward to us coming up to stay at Moondyne Park in the middle of May.
It’s about 40 mins drive from my place in Midland, about 20km off the Great Northern Highway at Bullsbrook.

If anyone’s interested in going up in convoy, I’ll be leaving about 6pm. I’ve also got some room in my station wagon if anyone wants to ride with me.

There isn’t a Blue Wren Cafe equivalent, unless we want to go to the pub in Bullsbrook, so we’ll be cooking every meal ourselves. I’m happy to do most of this (I have a fab pumpkin scone recipe, for example).

Depending on how many people come, we should be able to do this for between $5 and $10 per person per meal. Which would work out for five meals, between $25 and $50 for all catering. I’m also happy to coordinate this, but would love a hand with the shopping and getting it up to Moondyne – I do have to fit my sewing stuff in my car too.

We can expect it to be quite cool at night, but the main dining/sewing room has a fireplace, as does the sitting room. There’s a huge covered outdoor area and a swimming pool. If you like walking, the property is breathtakingly beautiful and includes a bit of the Avon River.

The kitchen is very well equipped, and if we’re nice to Peter, he might let us use his barbecue, too.

So, who’s in?