Pincushion cuff

I’ve been wanting a pincushion I could wear on my wrist for a while now and I bit the bullet today and made one using the tutorial on the Michelle Patterns blog.  This reminds me that I’ve purchased a number of her bag patterns and I really need to have a go at making the Messenger Bag next.

I dug out some fabric I bought at the recent Homecraft sale and also made a covered button using  a scrap of the fabric.  I’m really happy with it and you’ll definitely see me using it at all future BSC meets.  It doesn’t take long to make and I highly recommend it.  Definitely follow the suggestion to use a strip of plastic to stop you accidently poking pins into your wrist.

Speaking of BSC meets, we miss all of you who haven’t been for a while.  So make sure you come to the April meet and show us what you have been making.


IMG_0882_(1024_x_768) IMG_0883_(1024_x_768) IMG_0886_(1024_x_768)


5 responses to “Pincushion cuff

  1. That’s awesome. I’m making one of these with my left over quilting scraps!

  2. CUTE! But… how do you avoid stabbing yourself in the wrist? 😛

  3. I sewed a strip of plastic from a milk bottle into the strap where the pincushion sits.

  4. Great idea! Think I’d better make one of those too. I have 3 magnetic pincushions and two other regular ones and they never are where I want them when I want them. 🙂

  5. Fan-freaking-tastic. Funky, functional, and eco-friendly (recycle, baby!). And that cuff wouldn’t look out of place on the roller derby circuit either. No sirree….

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