Sewing with Knits

Hey all!

Kat's Avatar I’ve been having a FIELD DAY this weekend because I got a ‘new’ overlocker (well, hand-me-down) from my mum-in-law and have been playing in my sewing room like a hyperactive 2 year old



This sewing with knits thing has really got me going!  They’re cozy, warm, easy to make up and totally satisfying!  What more could you want from a sewing project.  You’ve gotta figure out a few tips/tricks to working with them since they are a bit of a different beast, and you need a few special tools; but once you got ’em…you’re golden and there’s nothing stopping you.

Here are some pics of my two newest additions to my winter wardrobe (it’ll be here before you know it…but not soon enough…what a hot summer!)

First once is this pattern off BurdaStyle.  I loved the waterfall neckline.  I made it out of a buttery soft bamboo jersey from Fabulous Fabrics in Balcatta.









And the second one was this one.  I made this one for the nice cowl and ruched side/sleeves..a really nice touch.  Again, fabric was a poly jersey from FF in Balcatta.









I just love the fact that I whipped these two babies up in a weekend!!  I have tonnes of tips/tricks and construction techniques on sewing these knit wonders over at the ol’ blog

Has anyone been to KnitWit on Stirling Hwy?  Worth the trip?

Now, to wait for the day time maximums to get below 25….





9 responses to “Sewing with Knits

  1. Hi Kat. I absolutely love your Waterfall top. It looks fabulous on you and I just might have to copy you since I have the Burda Magazine. Any clues on how to raise the neckline as it is a tad too low for me?

  2. Encarnita Mason

    Great tops. Did you download these patterns or do you know where to get the Burda magazines in Perth?
    Yes, knitwit is most definately worth a visit.

    • I downloaded them, but I’ve also found two newsagents that sell the mags (for $17 a pop!!)…Dogswamp in Joondanna/Yokine and the newsagent in the Crossways shopping centre in Subi (there’s a fabric store in there too!). Thanks for the heads up about knitwit…a trip is being planned!

  3. So, Kat… Tell me about the length of (both) these tops. Did you intentionally make them longer? Or is that the pattern length? It’s a length that wouldn’t work for me…

    • Noooooooooooooo! I didn’t shorten/lengthen them at all! That was absolute heaven for me (being tall and everything I make being a midrif! So, you’ll probably have to shorten. For the second one, you could gather it more on the side if you want…or just shorten it.

  4. Ooh, these projects are very inspiring—must delve into my stash of knit fabrics! Thanks much for sharing, Kat. :o)

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