Darling Ranges Dress – Modification

Kat's AvatarHey all!  Remember that fine day when Megan Nielsen herself came to our meetup and kindly dropped off a bunch of her patterns for free?


I quickly snapped up her Darling Ranges Dress and finally got around to doing something with it!

I got some fab ‘nautical’ (whatevs) voile from Spotlight with the intention of making a maxi out of the Darling Ranges pattern.

This pattern is simple and is thus easy to play with.  I made a few mods

1.  Moved the dart from the side to the top and replaced the dart with three tucks

2.  Lowered the shoulder seam of the front bodice by 2cm and subsequently lengthened the back bodice shoulder seam by 2cm.  This ensures the tucks hang attractively down the front of the bodice and don’t start right at the shoulder seam.  It makes them look smoother.

3.  Made a centre front seam and got rid of the buttons

4.  Lowered the bodice by 5cm

5.  Put darts in the back (had to modify this twice, as the first dart I drafted wasn’t long enough but it’s hard to fit yourself especially at the back!)

6.  Made a 3cm wide waist band

7.  Drafted a dirndl maxi skirt with three tucks on either side of both the centre front and centre back.

8.  Added a back zipper

9.  Dropped the bottom of the armscye 1.5cm

I just love the results and the tucks on the shoulder!




For all the details plus a tutorial on how I changed my dart to tucks see my blog post.



3 responses to “Darling Ranges Dress – Modification

  1. it looks lovely! I also love the shoulders, great idea!

  2. You are getting so adventurous …moving darts, adding tucks etc…more, more! So many good ideas from reading your posts!!

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