Ironing board cover

My ironing board was up for an update. The old cheap cover it came with was less than perfect, it moved all the time plus it was in a weird silvery colour.

I got from the library “Home sewn home : 20 projects to make for the retro home” by  Sally Walton (which btw is, in my opinion, an ok book,  one of those books worth flicking through but not to buy). The book features an ironing board cover. I say “features” because there isn´t really any pattern, it just tell you to used the old cover to traces your new one. So I did so.

Finding the fabric was harder than I though. I went to Spotlight, all the fabrics I liked couldn´t be ironed at high temperatures! it took me around an 1h of looking at labels until I saw this fabric in the distance:

Fabric Iron


I thought that should stand high temperatures! and it did! So here is my new ironing board cover and my boyfriend happily (?) ironing on it.



8 responses to “Ironing board cover

  1. Oh! SUCH an adorable fabric! I WANT ONE! That is, I want an amazingly cute ironing board AND someone to do my ironing for me ;))

  2. I love that fabric, it’s perfect! I don’t recall seeing at my Spotlight store though 😦 I’ll have another look-see next time I’m there.

  3. That looks great! I was just telling my friend yesterday that I need to fix my ironing board cover or make a new one. So you’ve inspired me!

  4. Thanks girls! I have some fabric left but not enough for a second cover. Not sure what to do with the left overs really…. any other “ironing related items”?
    Nice meeting you Erin.

  5. Kat, I got it from Spotlight at Cannington, and it was on a bottom shelve on the left side when you are facing the bench where they cut the fabrics.

  6. Cute fabric- my ironing board (and whole sewing room) desperately needs a makeover! How about making a sewing ham/mitt/sleeve roll with the leftovers?

  7. Hi Kate, that is a very good idea! I was just thinking the other day that I need one of those “sleeves thingys” 🙂

  8. Yep they are great – especially for pressing seams open! I got one after using somebody’s at the first sewing weekend away.

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