Quilting virgin no more!

Yes, it’s true, last week I lost my quilting virginity.

And it was GREAT!

I tend to use my mom as a crafting guinea pig – whatever new thing I want to try, I make her that for Christmas (and she hasn’t complained so far!)

This year it’s a lap quilt!

I went to Quintessential Quilts in Morley and they were really helpful.  I bought a kit, since I wanted the fabric and pattern ready to go, since this must be posted in a couple of weeks!  EEK!

I got this pattern

The lady there said it would be easy to put together, so I liked the sound of that. I learned that you need a feature fabric and two contrasts (flower fabric = feature, purple and green fabrics = contrast 1 and contrast 2).

So I cut 11 2.5″x44″ strips out of my feature and my two contrast fabrics.  I then sewed the contrast 1 strip to the feature strip and then those two to the contrast 2 strip.  I then cut these strips into 6.5″ x 6.5″ blocks. These are the blocks you sew together to make rows and then sew the rows together!

Phew!  This was a lot more work than I had anticipated and you need to be uber precise too so everything fits nicely together.  When I finished sewing 2 rows of blocks together and was ready to attach them, I had to make sure the seams would match up exactly.

So, I used a Susan Khalje tip (<3 her!) and sewed just the joins together with a basting stitch and then checked the match.  That way, I only had to undo 1″ of stitching if they didn’t match.  The basting kinda acted like ‘pins’ when I sewed the rows together, so there wasn’t much shifting during sewing.  BIG bonus was I didn’t have to worry about seams matching when doing the final stitching.

It worked great, although I don’t know if it’s the ‘right’ way to do it or not (not being a quilter and all).  Here’s a bit of it!

I’m really happy so far, and will post piccies of the final product, which I *better* finish soon.

Until then…Relax and Enjoy,


**UPDATE!!  Quilt top done!  Now onto basting!



4 responses to “Quilting virgin no more!

  1. Nice work Kat! It’s a simple, but visually appealing pattern choice 🙂 I love the fact that you didn’t have to piece individual squares – but could shortcut by sewing long strips then chopping!

  2. Nice work! I’ve used that tip too and it made a lot of difference to the finished joins. The “right” way is the way that works. 🙂

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