Sewing sale – swim/dancewear fabric, trims, notions etc


I saw this advert on

I rang Denise and she is downsizing her business and selling lots of fabric for $3 a metre, trims, bra cups 20c (if you have bought these you know how expensive they are).  Also industrial machines, patternhooks, scissors and lots of other stuff.  The business is located next to West Leederville trainstation; Sarah I can hear you squealing at close it is to your work.  Denise said it would be wise to ring beforehand as they are not always there.  I’m planning on checking it out tomorrow as I think I may need my car to carry it all home.



4 responses to “Sewing sale – swim/dancewear fabric, trims, notions etc

  1. Good anticipation of my squealing! 😀 What time are you going on Thursday… I might pop down and join you!?

  2. Hey Sarah, I’m getting a bit anxious thinking about buying more sewing stuff so this probably means I shouldn’t be buying more. Can’t help it and am going to go tomorrow now but probably mid arvo. Don’t know if you will still be around or on your way to Dwellingup.

  3. This sounds extremely tempting, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Please let the rest of us know what you score! Debra

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. I went yesterday and bought lots of lycra of all different colours and patterns for $3/m. How I will ever use it all, I have no idea, but the family will all be getting rashies for Christmas! I also got some bra cups and little beads and jewellery bits and pieces. So much fun! Denise was lovely and so helpful. Yay for fabric sales!

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