Scraps for Starlight

Hiya fellow BSC sewing peeps.

The Facebook discussion on what to do with sewing scraps got me thinking. I know I have heaps of scraps and as much as I think I will use them for facings and pocket linings etc. I rarely do.  They just sit there in that big box cluttering up my sewing room.

Fabric Scraps

Overflowing box of scraps (this is not the only one!)

Funnily enough a few weeks later my lovely friend and housemate Gabby asked me if I had any fabric scraps I could spare for Starlight. Gab works for Starlight Children’s Charity as an Arts Facilitator in their Livewire room for teens in Princess Margaret Hospital. It’s a place where they can escape the hospital environment and have some fun. They love crafts and are obsessed with sewing softies at the moment so they would love some more fabric scraps of all types to play with.  If you have any fabric scraps, and I’m sure you all do, you can bring them to the December Burdastyle meet.  I will be sure to pass them on to their new home. Who knows what creature they may become!

Sarah W 🙂


4 responses to “Scraps for Starlight

  1. This is awesome! I’ve got a shopping bag full of fabric pieces that I’d be REALLY happy to have passed on for good use :))

  2. Btw – Sarah! We’ll have to set you up with a little avatar/picture for your posts. Want to email me your picture of choice when you’ve got a chance?

  3. Sarah what a lovely cause! I don’t have alot of scraps but I will definitely bring anything “softy” suitable

  4. I just cleaned out my sewing room and have a big bag full too! Will bring it!

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