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Quilting virgin no more!

Yes, it’s true, last week I lost my quilting virginity.

And it was GREAT!

I tend to use my mom as a crafting guinea pig – whatever new thing I want to try, I make her that for Christmas (and she hasn’t complained so far!)

This year it’s a lap quilt!

I went to Quintessential Quilts in Morley and they were really helpful.  I bought a kit, since I wanted the fabric and pattern ready to go, since this must be posted in a couple of weeks!  EEK!

I got this pattern

The lady there said it would be easy to put together, so I liked the sound of that. I learned that you need a feature fabric and two contrasts (flower fabric = feature, purple and green fabrics = contrast 1 and contrast 2).

So I cut 11 2.5″x44″ strips out of my feature and my two contrast fabrics.  I then sewed the contrast 1 strip to the feature strip and then those two to the contrast 2 strip.  I then cut these strips into 6.5″ x 6.5″ blocks. These are the blocks you sew together to make rows and then sew the rows together!

Phew!  This was a lot more work than I had anticipated and you need to be uber precise too so everything fits nicely together.  When I finished sewing 2 rows of blocks together and was ready to attach them, I had to make sure the seams would match up exactly.

So, I used a Susan Khalje tip (<3 her!) and sewed just the joins together with a basting stitch and then checked the match.  That way, I only had to undo 1″ of stitching if they didn’t match.  The basting kinda acted like ‘pins’ when I sewed the rows together, so there wasn’t much shifting during sewing.  BIG bonus was I didn’t have to worry about seams matching when doing the final stitching.

It worked great, although I don’t know if it’s the ‘right’ way to do it or not (not being a quilter and all).  Here’s a bit of it!

I’m really happy so far, and will post piccies of the final product, which I *better* finish soon.

Until then…Relax and Enjoy,


**UPDATE!!  Quilt top done!  Now onto basting!



Christmas (Decoration) MeetUp!

As most of you would know, the next BSCPerth meet is coming up on Sunday, 16 December – it’s the last meet of 2012, and right before Christmas!

The suggestion has been made (supported and accepted) that we should hold the 2012 GREAT CHRISTMAS DECORATION SWAP at the December meet. So, do you want in?!

Here’s what you need to know (don’t worry, it’s pretty simple and straight forward ;))…

For the 2012 GREAT CHRISTMAS DECORATION SWAP you need to bring along a handmade Christmas decoration suitable for hanging on a Christmas tree! If you want to bring more than one ornament, thus entitling you to take home an equal number of ornaments, you can also do that! Wrap your ornament(s) up, and place it in the box when you get to the meet. Then, it’ll be a lucky dip to see which ornament(s) you get to take home with you! Simple 🙂

Need inspiration for a simple Christmas decoration to make? Take a look over on Pinterest,  on the Bugs & Fishes blog, or  just Google (images) it!

Sewing sale – swim/dancewear fabric, trims, notions etc


I saw this advert on

I rang Denise and she is downsizing her business and selling lots of fabric for $3 a metre, trims, bra cups 20c (if you have bought these you know how expensive they are).  Also industrial machines, patternhooks, scissors and lots of other stuff.  The business is located next to West Leederville trainstation; Sarah I can hear you squealing at close it is to your work.  Denise said it would be wise to ring beforehand as they are not always there.  I’m planning on checking it out tomorrow as I think I may need my car to carry it all home.


Scraps for Starlight

Hiya fellow BSC sewing peeps.

The Facebook discussion on what to do with sewing scraps got me thinking. I know I have heaps of scraps and as much as I think I will use them for facings and pocket linings etc. I rarely do.  They just sit there in that big box cluttering up my sewing room.

Fabric Scraps

Overflowing box of scraps (this is not the only one!)

Funnily enough a few weeks later my lovely friend and housemate Gabby asked me if I had any fabric scraps I could spare for Starlight. Gab works for Starlight Children’s Charity as an Arts Facilitator in their Livewire room for teens in Princess Margaret Hospital. It’s a place where they can escape the hospital environment and have some fun. They love crafts and are obsessed with sewing softies at the moment so they would love some more fabric scraps of all types to play with.  If you have any fabric scraps, and I’m sure you all do, you can bring them to the December Burdastyle meet.  I will be sure to pass them on to their new home. Who knows what creature they may become!

Sarah W 🙂