From conference bag to lunch bag

Last February I attended a nanotechnology conference (actually it was three in one, ACMM22/AOMC10/ICONN2012, but that is another story).  For the first time in a very long long time, the conference bag was made out of a pretty fabric. It was inspired in aboriginal paints.  At the time I wasn´t sure what I want to do it, but it was to pretty to miss, so I asked if I could have a few extra bags. I ended up with 3 bags (for the embarrassment of my colleagues)*

I loved Sarah´s lunch bag, and I though I would use my “conference bags” to make a nice “lunch bag”. So this bag is made of out almost entirely of these conference bags (I used two): inside & outside, and even the handles**.

* My colleagues want now one lunch bag!

** I put leftover fabric from my chair cover to give some body to the bag.


One response to “From conference bag to lunch bag

  1. I ❤ that you altered the pattern to suit your need , ie. adding a drawstring to the top! And, that is pretty cool fabric for a conference bag – almost all the ones I've had this year have been significantly more plastic-feeling, and less interesting!

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