Ultimate verge!

Hey everyone!

I love verge…no, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVE VERGE!!!  I’m a hopeless scrounger, and if you know where to look you can get some fabulous finds.  Last year someone had their entire fabric stash on the verge!  Now it’s in my stash 😛

But, this year beats all former verges.  I found a vintage Singer 401G from the late fifties/early sixties on Marlow Street during my daily bike commute to work.  I almost fell of my ebike with excitement and utter shock.  Needless to say it came to work with me an then home – all in the back of the basket.  She doesn’t have a power cord or foot petal, but these things can be found online – a really good source for vintage sewing machine parts and a fab blog about restoration can be found here.

Feast your eyes!

She’s beautiful, eh?  I plan to start tinkering soon, so stay tuned to my blog for more restoration details.  Hopefully the motor is good, but we’ll see once the power arrives!




5 responses to “Ultimate verge!

  1. She’s beautiful! I have a bunch of singer bobbins and assorted feet if you get her going and need some.
    I got a lovely machine off the side of the road last year, and it wasn’t til I had downloaded info on how to fix the timing and started unscrewing stuff that I spotted the needle was in backwards, which explained the lack of stitch formation.

    • Hey, thanks Sandra!! I’m hoping something like that made the person put it on the verge and not some catastrophic failure of the motor or something. Needle in backwards, eh? Yes, that would explain it 😛

  2. I also love the verge. I can’t believe what people throw away and I just can’t help myself rescuing it! On another note, does anyone know where I can browse and buy Burda (or any other) sewing magazines in Perth? Or if any libraries have them. Cheers!

    • Totally agree. I buy my BS magazines at the Newsagent in Dog Swamp shopping centre (and also Threads). Some newsagents sell them, some don’t – it’s hit and miss. If someone knows if you can get them at the library, I’d love to know too!

  3. Good spotting Kat! It’s amazing what people throw away thinking they are worthless!

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