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It’s that time of year again…

The Curious Kiwi here – reporting in from NZ 😉 I hope you guys don’t mind me hi-jacking the blog for a bit but I thought this might be a cool idea for a BSC meet in November – making a Christmas decoration for a swap partner. Just an idea…who knows, one of you might get me and I might get one of you, hehe xx

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I have signed up for the New Zealand Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap.

I signed up for the first time last year and enjoyed getting a surprise so much that I have decided to do it again.

Actually this year, now that life is more normal and settled for a change, I am considering making all my family home-made gifts. It might just be an ornament each or something more substantial depending on each person but I am starting to gather ideas, some I might be able to share (certain family members do blog-stalk me so I have to be careful, isn’t that right SIL-with-itchy-feet?)

Anyway, just a quick post to explain how it all works:

You sign up on the NZ Handmade page here, time is ticking, you have until October 28th. Then you get sent a swap partner and create your gorgeous ornament (plus handmade card) and post it away to them by November 30th – heaps of time! 😉 They also post lots of ideas and tutorial links on the NZ Handmade page.

If you are interested, this is my swap from last year, pretty cool huh?

Ann’s Christmas ornament for me

My Christmas ornament for Ann (plus one for me, hehe!)

It’s open to all crafty bloggers all over the world so how about you join me? Maybe we’ll get each other!


From conference bag to lunch bag

Last February I attended a nanotechnology conference (actually it was three in one, ACMM22/AOMC10/ICONN2012, but that is another story).  For the first time in a very long long time, the conference bag was made out of a pretty fabric. It was inspired in aboriginal paints.  At the time I wasn´t sure what I want to do it, but it was to pretty to miss, so I asked if I could have a few extra bags. I ended up with 3 bags (for the embarrassment of my colleagues)*

I loved Sarah´s lunch bag, and I though I would use my “conference bags” to make a nice “lunch bag”. So this bag is made of out almost entirely of these conference bags (I used two): inside & outside, and even the handles**.

* My colleagues want now one lunch bag!

** I put leftover fabric from my chair cover to give some body to the bag.

Boring Admin Stuff

We had a fabulously fun meet this afternoon, with 12 people, including 2 new faces.  We had a theme of upcycling, and there was some interesting stuff going on, which I will post about after feeding the hungry hordes.
However, just right now, the boring admin bit is……

Are these yours?  They were left behind, and I have put them on the lost property wall, but if I can match a name to them first, I’d be much happier 🙂

Ultimate verge!

Hey everyone!

I love verge…no, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVE VERGE!!!  I’m a hopeless scrounger, and if you know where to look you can get some fabulous finds.  Last year someone had their entire fabric stash on the verge!  Now it’s in my stash 😛

But, this year beats all former verges.  I found a vintage Singer 401G from the late fifties/early sixties on Marlow Street during my daily bike commute to work.  I almost fell of my ebike with excitement and utter shock.  Needless to say it came to work with me an then home – all in the back of the basket.  She doesn’t have a power cord or foot petal, but these things can be found online – a really good source for vintage sewing machine parts and a fab blog about restoration can be found here.

Feast your eyes!

She’s beautiful, eh?  I plan to start tinkering soon, so stay tuned to my blog for more restoration details.  Hopefully the motor is good, but we’ll see once the power arrives!