French Knickers!

Hello readers!

I should perhaps subtitle this post “Applying what I learned in Lingerie Making at TAFE”.  Yes, I did take the Lingerie Making course at TAFE and I really enjoyed it.  Every week we made a sample of a different lingerie garment.  We made French knickers, a camisole, briefs and a bra.  At the final class we learned some basic pattern making and grading.

You don’t make garments that fit you (unless you’re a perfect size 10) and the fabric was all (generously) provided by Wendy, our teacher, and often didn’t match.  This didn’t matter because I learned a heap of techniques on lingerie sewing and got to trace all Wendy’s patterns!!!

So, I thought I’d share my first pair of French knickers with you!  These are seriously easy, fun and quick!  I whipped mine up in a day.  These are going to be part of a sleep set for summer.

These are from Wendy’s pattern block, which I adapted slightly by increasing the side seams by 2cm each and making the leg a little higher.  A word to the wise, I found that making a larger size of French knickers made the crotch sag horribly!  It really looked ghastly!  I guess the pattern making companies assume if you’re bigger in the hips you’re bigger in the belly as well…so make sure you compare the measurments of the final garment with your own before you start.

I used a cute little floral cotton from Spotlight and some cute and simple cotton lace.  I was going for a French Country look here.

I cut it all on the bias (as you do with wovens when making lingerie) and used French seams throughout.  I attached the lace at the leg, lingerie elastic at the waist and made a super cute rouleau bow for the front (all stuff I learned at the course)!  Check them out!

I also made a matching cami from Wendy’s pattern using the techniques I learned in the course.

There!  Summer PJs sorted!  That was easy and took 2m of fabric all up (knickers took less than 1m).

Making PJs is super easy and costs way less than you can buy them, and besides, you can make them to your style and specs.

I’m really happy with mine and am making a robe out of blue and white stripped shirting…so stay tuned for that!

If you’d like more detail on the construction/techniques I used, you can find them on my blog.




10 responses to “French Knickers!

  1. Nice, Kat! But the thing I really want to learn to make is bras. Did Wendy, by any chance, mention anything about classes in making bras?

    • Thanks, Sarah! Yes, we spent two weeks on bras! The next one is in March, but you can also take corsetry which is mostly about the boobies, I believe this one is next semester in October.

  2. Sew pretty….eat your heart out, Peter Alexander! How often does TAFE run this class? And where did you find that sweet lace trimming? This is a definite addition to my “to-do” list: cute summer PJ’s. Thaks for sharing!

  3. Seriously super cute! Love the fabric choice and the lacey lace, so sweet

  4. Very professional looking Kat. I made a set for my daughter earlier in the year using a cream stretch satin paired with black lace, which my daughter loved, but ……. next time I would cut a smaller size as that darn crotch thing was nasty, saggy, baggy and wide to the extreme, so, a lesson learnt the hard way.

    • Oooo…cream and black lace sounds lovely! Lucky daughter of yours! Yeah, I would try widening the side seams on a smaller size first…I did exactly the same thing you did the first time and it was nasty!

  5. You are so creative. Your tap panties are so beautiful and romantic. When I lived in England they called them “French knickers,” probably still do. I love all the ribbon and lace detailing, and was blown away by the delicate scallop edging, and the sweet lace appliques. I am inspired to incorporate some of these things into my own lingerie. I love the more traditional styles. Thank you so much for the the inspiration and for sharing your knowledge and skill.

    • Maw, thank you so much for your very kind words! I’m glad you like the French knickers/tap pants. I love the traditional styles too and am totally a classic kinda of girl (although it’s taken me a while to admit it!). Your very welcome and I’m very happy to share and I’m glad you enjoy! 🙂

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