Ode to linen

Hey hey everyone!

Kat here!  Hopefully some of you know me from my last (and first!) BurdaStyle meetup in August or perhaps you’ve stumbled across my blog or maybe you’re like “Kat who?”

Either way, I’m thrilled to start guest posting on the BurdaStyle meetup blog.  This is such a fantastic (and well organized!)  group of super talented Sewistas and I’m honored to share some of my sewing projects with you.

The purpose of my posts will be geared towards the creation of my daily summer wardrobe.  Yes, I’ve got a day job and can’t wear beautiful couture gowns on a daily basis…maybe I need a new job 😛   Fantasy life aside, I need a new summer wardrobe and want to sew the majority of the pieces in it – hence I’ve been doing this for about a month now.

Less talk more sewing!

Today’s project is a pattern I’ve had in my stash for a while now;  Simplicity 3786.    Yeah, I bought this pattern during my peasant blouse phase, BUT, it has a rather nice V-neck sleeveless option – View C (the short sleeved v-neck in the red).

I bought some lovely floral print linen from Potters one afternoon, and thought this would be a great project for it.  I got a whopping 0.9m, but loved it so much  that I paid my $15 and walked out happy (oh, I bought other fabric too…but you’ll have to stay tuned for those ones!).

The fabric was about 150cm wide, and I didn’t really think I’d have enough to make a tunic top, especially with a rather large bite in the top right hand corner from a swatch grab.  So, I chopped off 15cm of length and it fit!  Hallelujah!

I did a fair amount of hand stitching here.  I originally machine stitched (top stitched) the edge of the neck and armhole facings to the linen.  It looked TERRIBLE!  The machine stitching was obviously too harsh for the loosely woven luscious linen I was working with.  It pulled the fabric too much and made ugly ridges.

Realizing this fabric was a delicate flower, I did a blind stitch (or blind hemming stitch) to attach the facings to the outside of the fabric and to do the hem.  If you would like to know how to do this hand stitch, you can see the “Hand Stitches” menu at the top of my blog.

A bit of work, yes, but it gives a lovely finish to the blouse with hardly any stitching showing from the outside.

Okay, okay enough goobly goop…here are the finished pics!

I just love how  it turned out and the hand sewing was totally worth the little bit of  extra effort.

Another one for the 45 degree heat which will be here before you can say “Merry Christmas”!

Cheers all!



19 responses to “Ode to linen

  1. Welcome, Kat! How I ❤ the way this top kicks out slightly from the waist (itty-bitty wannabe peplum, perhaps? ;))

    You might also have noticed that I played with your pictures sizes a little. My personal preference is to have the pics wider… so I adjusted yours (and added your avatar to the corner). 🙂

  2. Welcome Kat! Thanks for sharing your peplumesque linen creation. That Simplicity pattern had also caught my eye, and I really like your interpretation. It looks very cool & comfy without being overly exposed. And one surely does need a good supply of breezy blouses to combat the steamy Perth summers!

  3. Lovely top- great pattern choice + pattern combination, looks like just the thing for summer 🙂 Am really going to have to get around to checking out this Potters everyone keeps talking about.

  4. Wow, that’s such a gorgeous blouse, It’s nice how a great fabric makes a simple pattern into a knockout.

    • You’re very right, Sandra…fabric choice makes a lot of difference. I like to pair a beautiful fabric with a simple pattern so that it’s really showcased.

  5. I love the top! Lovely! Look fantastic on you- Kudos!

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