August Meet (aka. FULL HOUSE!)

… and by “full house” I don’t mean the sitcom which made Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen famous.  Today was the August meet of the Burdastyle Perth Sewing Club.

Fifteen women came along to today’s meet, including 6 for the very first time – it was lovely to meet Amy, Kat, Sarah L, Joanne, Anna and Meg! We also welcomed back Sandra, Sarah W, Vanessa, Deb, Fleur, Helen, Leanne and Alyssa. This was a *big* turnout, particularly given 3+ of our “regulars” were missing – but it was so great to meet/see everyone there!

Four (or so) people were working on pairs of boxer shorts, a couple on quilts (as gifts for family members), and others on blouses, casual jersey tops, lingerie and more! Here everyone is – stretching Sandra’s Sewanista Fashion Workshop to capacity!

Fleur and Helen ::

Sarah, Joanne and Kat (in the foreground); Vanessa, Meg & Sandra (in the background).

At the meet it was also great to meet Meg, of independent pattern company Megan Nielsen  patterns. This [below] was the ensuing scene when Meg bought along some of her patterns to share – EXCITEMENT!

Expect to see some (more) newly sewn Kelly skirts,  Banksia tops and Darling Ranges dresses patterns around the Perth sewing community soon !::

Thanks to everyone who came along today! Hope to see you at the next meet on Saturday, 15 September.

Oh, and 2 final reminders…

  1. If you have a sewing project you’d like to share with the readers of this blog, let us know! Just send Sarah an email at with a couple of photos and a couple of paragraphs about your project (don’t stress, you don’t need to write War & Peace! ;)). We’d love to help share your sewing-awesome.
  2. If you have a blog which isn’t already included in our list of Perth sewing bloggers in the right-hand column, let us know with a comment below!

2 responses to “August Meet (aka. FULL HOUSE!)

  1. Hi, I am a recent member and I have a sewing blog! It is I hope to meet some of you soon 🙂

    • Hey Megan! WELCOME :)) Thanks for letting us know about your blog – you’re now officially on our “Fabulous Perth Bloggers” blogroll! Hope you can join us at an upcoming meet…

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