Alyssa’s butter ball beauty!

Yesterday Alyssa responded to a shoutout on the BSCPerth Facebook page (do you “like” us?) for more member contributions to be featured here on the blog. WOW! What an impressive contribution – Alyssa sewed A BALL DRESS! And not just any ball dress.. but A SPECTACULARLY GORGEOUS BALL DRESS! Check out the photos, and what Alyssa said about the project, below :)).

Basically it’s a ball dress that I made for a work ball. It’s made from shot silk only $15 a meter! (the cheapest thing i could find that would pull off as “formal”- I was a bit broke at the time).

The top half is from a vintage burda wedding dress pattern, and the bottom half sort of just got made up along the way. 

Here’s a photo of the vintage pattern on which the bodice was based (*gasp!* Those pleats!)::

And some photos of the finished product::



It’s not perfect but it worked- (I didn’t include enough “ease” through the bottom half i don’t think). Was meant to have an invisible zip too but that didn’t quite come out as planned as it was too bulky to do up. I didn’t have time to trouble shoot so I just turned it into “a not so invisible ‘invisible’ zip”. Aside from those two little bodgies i was fairly happy with it. I had lots of fun making it and wearing it too!

Alyssa has written more about the inspiration for the dress over on her sewing blog. You can even see photos of the dress “in action” over there too!

Thanks for sharing Alyssa!


5 responses to “Alyssa’s butter ball beauty!

  1. It is amazing! What a lovely dress. I can’t believe your comment earlier about being intimidated to post projects on the bsc blog as you’re obviously really talented.

  2. Alyssa – I ❤ that bodice! Would I be right in assuming that it's got boning to help keep it up?

  3. Wow, amazing. Looks like you have an awesome sewing room as well. Love to see the rest of it.

  4. That beautifully constructed dress was no easy feat was it, congratulations on your perseverence, I don’t think I would have known where to start.

  5. All: Thanks so much!
    Sarah: I only have basic skills, but fortunately had a good sewing “how to” book and some spare time! Still a bit shy though but you guys are so inspiring and supportive!
    Sarah Custard: Yeah it got boned :P, and interfaced and lined. I was still nervy it would fall down dancing because I’m a bit “boobie challenged”. It managed to hold up though.
    Vanessa: Thanks! It’s actually my bedroom (I’m with my folks at the moment), although at times it resembles more of a sweat shop/ground 0. I’ll have to pop some pics on the blog some time.
    Deb: Yeah it was really hard for me tbh! The biggest challenge I’ve ever sewed, it took me over 2 months, with a lot of unpicking!

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