The great Dwellingup sewing retreat!

Finally! The post about the first ever BSC Perth sewing weekend away is finally here! About time, eh? *hides face in embarrassment*

So, here’s the story – back on Friday 15 July, 8 members of the BSC Perth sewing club (Sarah, Elle, Debra, Vanessa, Sandra, Fleur, Kate and Helen) travelled to Dwellingup!  Kids, husbands, partners, housework, gardens and other distractions were left at home for a sewing weekend away.

For the weekend, we stayed at the Forest Heritage Centre in Dwellingup. Despite the multitude of warnings received pre-departure about HOW COLD it was going to be … turns out it wasn’t so bad after all. Huzzah! (Of course, the  toasty warm fires going during the day, and the room heating at night obviously helped with that!)

When we arrived on Friday evening, dinner had been organised and was being prepared by Elle, assisted by those who arrived early. Delicious chicken and vegetable soup  and lemon pudding filled everyone up over conversations about what each person was hoping to work on that weekend, and what interesting things they had bought along to show/share.

We each chose one of the basic but comfortable rooms to dump our sleeping bag, and stowed our sewing supplies in the common room, ready to go on Saturday!

The accommodation block at the Forest Heritage Centre.

The common room was a great space for sewing – kitchen for snacks, a fire for warmth, wooden floors (for easy sweeping up of trimmed threads), a table and kitchen island for cutting, and a long table for the setting up of sewing machines.

On Saturday morning everyone got up for a full-cooked breakfast… then, it was time to get to work! A few us were working on dresses which we were optimistically hoping to have finished in time for dinner that evening, the others were working on a range of projects – including a skirt, trousers and a 1920s costume for a party in London! Here’s a few photos to prove we were doing more than just talking!

Elle and Sandra excitedly cutting out and discussing pattern pieces.

Here’s me working on my latest black work dress. This dress, which I finished on the day has become a work wardrobe staple! Hopefully a post to come…

Vanessa, concentrating on her hand sewing.

Here’s Fleur wearing her work-in-progress dress. In this picture you can also see Sandra helping make some adjustments to the dress to improve the fit. Sandra helped EVERY SINGLE PERSON AT SOME POINT this weekend… as well as sewing herself a new skirt. A. Sewing. Machine.  Thanks Sandra!

The concentration! The dedication! Look at all that sewing!

After a full and highly productive day of sewing, we set off by car/foot to a local cafe for dinner. Lamb shanks! Country prices! FTW! Here’s Kate and Debra clearly having a lovely time!

Here’s Elle and Helen!
On Sunday morning we went back to the same cafe for breakfast (because it was a nice cafe, and because the options were somewhat limited), and then went for a wander along the main street of Dwellingup, stopping in a few local craft stores. Then it was back to the Forest Heritage Centre for a little more sewing! After lunch it was time to start cleaning, packing up  and get ready to head back to Perth.
Everyone who came away with us agreed that this was a great weekend, and that it should definitely happen again. Watch this space for news about a future sewing retreat… it’s on the cards!
PS. Thanks to Helen who had the foresight to bring her camera with her and take some photos for us this weekend!

4 responses to “The great Dwellingup sewing retreat!

  1. I am SO jealous of you girls! What a great weekend you had! I totally have to show this to the Fabric Hoarders girls here in Wellington and try to convince them we should do something similar. Aww miss you all xx come visit me next 😉

  2. And nary a mention of the wine we got through…

  3. It was a fantabulous weekend, I’m looking forward to the next. Soon, I hope 🙂

  4. Look’s like you guys had a great time! Hope that I can get to know you all a bit more before the next one so I can come along!

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