The Great BSC Perth sewing weekend away

This is so exciting! A weekend away, just the BSC Perth ladies, wine, sewing, cocktails, sewing, yummy food, sewing…

We’ve booked the Dwellingup Forest Heritage Centre from Friday night June 15 to Sunday June 17.  It has has single bedrooms, a huge kitchen and the dining room has enough tables to spread out your fabric and patterns.  The price per night will vary with the number going.

You’ll need to bring your own towels and bedding, and make it generous as we’re staying in Dwellingup and it gets cold.

Also your sewing machine and some projects, wine, any food you’d like to share, the makings of cocktails…

Enough of us are fab cooks, so meals with be mouth-watering, hopefully made from ingredients sourced locally. We’ll probably have one or two meals at local establishments, to be decided when we see what’s on offer.

email for a flier with details or see the BSC Perth Meetup site


One response to “The Great BSC Perth sewing weekend away

  1. ahhhh soooooo jeeeeelous!!!

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