The February “Sew your own knickers” meet

This year some Perth BSC sewists met at Elizabeth’s home lured by brunch and champagne and sewing talk.  However we were really there to come up with some ideas for themed meets for 2012.  After seeing some bloggers talking about how easy it is to make your own underwear I thought it would be a good one to try as it seemed achievable for an afternoon sewing session.  So the plan was set and in February we all congregated at my place on a hot and steamy day for an arvo of knicker sewing.

Unfortunately “Sewanista” was unable to make it with her unlimitless knowledge and help however I had recently been to a Janome “Sew your own bathers” workshop and knew the basics of what we should be doing.  Some of us chose to use patterns off the internet and others threw caution to the wind and drafted their own from scratch.

After 3 hours of sewing we had sewn up a range of completed knickers from granny to boyleg to risqué animal print g-style.

So the true test is in the wearing.  Unfortunately for me I managed to sew a 10cm crotch for my knickers (the green ones third from the left) so it felt like I was wearing a nappy.  One of those situations where you are so focused on the details that you don’t step back and see the big picture.  I’m not deterred though and will be making some more, I might even use one of those silk jerseys I’ve bought from Potters!

Another first for our group, we got to use the awesome name tags Sarah brought along.



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