Monthly Archives: March 2012

April meet – a bit of catching up

Our next meet will be on Sunday April 15, 1.30pm, at Sandra’s studio in Malaga.

Bring along whatever you’re working on or join in our make do and mend afternoon.

Do you have a pile/basket/shameful secret stash of garments that need their hems sewn up/buttons sewn back on/to be taken in a bit to fit properly?

Bring them along and get them done.  Your conscience will thank you!

Don’t forget to let us know if you’re coming by RSVPing over at MeetUp. Click here to let us know whether you’re attending!


Lots of thread and zips

The thread mother load, so long as you want shades of blue, brown or beige, has just arrived at the Salvo’s in Malaga. It’s all industrial reels of Polyfil, one of the good brands, and overlocker textured poly. They also have zips in similar colours, although I imagine few people need to have as many zips as I do.


Sewing Centre Closing down

Perth Sewing Centre has decided to close, after being around for absolute ages, moving locations at least twice, and changing hands once. They have been such a fantastic resource for keen sewers for longer than I’ve been sewing, so it’s sad to see them go. I’ll have to find a new favorite machine retailer and service guy.

However, every cloud had a silver lining, and this one is the sale they’re holding.


March BSC meet – Sunday 18 March

Sometimes life gets in the way.

So – this month’s BSC Perth meet will be Sunday 18 March at Sandra’s studio in Malaga.   (email for the address)

Sincerest apologies if you’ve written the TBC date in your diary and gotten yourself all worked up for a Saturday meet.