Treasures you don’t expect to find

I love a garage sale – the thrill of the chase, the treasures you find, the ridiculous prices.  This had been in storage for a good many years.  It was dusty and the case a bit dented.






But for $25, how could I lose?  The lady who’d carefully put it into storage also had this:








That is a  box of 28 decorative stitch cams.

Unfortunately, we have some sort of a mix up.






That is both a knee drive controller thingy and a plug that most definitely needs a foot.  There’s no hole for the knee drive and there’s no foot.  It also seems to be missing a drive belt.  Neither can I find a name or serial number.  I’ve googled it and can’t find a picture of it on the interwebs.  For now, it’s the Pinnock Mystery.

I shall take it to the sewing machine repair man and see what can be done.


2 responses to “Treasures you don’t expect to find

  1. That’s a very pretty machine you’ve got there! I may have a suitable foot pedal, I’ll have a look on Tuesday when I’m in next. I’m in purging mode, so I’ll let you all have first dibs.

  2. Thank you! And that would be just wonderful.

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