Perth Burdastyle Meet February

Hi everyone

The next meet is being held at my house in Rivervale and we’re making knickers.  As with all the meets this year if you just want to bring along a project to sew you can do that instead.

However if you do want to have a go at making undies there are a number of helpful tutorials on the internet.  I’ve set up a Pinterest board which you can access by clicking on .  You shouldn’t need to log in but if you have any problems let me know.

For those of you who haven’t used Pinterest it’s a great resource for saving inspiration from the internet.  When you click on a pinned image it will take you to the source webpage.  If you set up your own login you can re-pin others people’s pins and follow their boards.  I’ve set up a board for the meet with pins for some tutorials for drafting your own knickers, how to sew knicker elastic and also some patterns you can purchase.  February’s Burda mag also has some 50’s inspired underwear and you are welcome to trace the pattern from my magazine.

For materials, you can get knicker elastic from Spotlight however the colours are not that exciting but you could try dyeing it to jazz it up.  There are also various elastics including foldover elastic available at in St James.  For material, you can use left over jersey or an old t-shirt.  There is also a pin for a pattern by The Maker’s Journal, who are a couple of Melbourne designers and they have used a light weight Liberty woven.

Don’t forget to RSVP on the meetup page and email for my address.  See you soon Vanessa.

PS. for anyone not in the know, Potter’s are having a 50% off everything sale for a week starting Wednesday.  You can also friend them on Facebook now “Fabric Outlet Shop”


8 responses to “Perth Burdastyle Meet February

  1. I’ve got a bunch of patterns I can bring, as well. And some drafts. And some elastic.

  2. Good morning Vanessa,

    I am really hoping to make this meet and introduce myself, I went to Potters yesterday and their sale was excellent, bought heaps of silks but will probably stick to cotton for the knickers, I will make the Colette patterns one as I have been intending to for months but haven’t got around to it.
    May I have your address please?
    Also, what do I bring…nibbles etc as well as sewing stuff???

  3. Hey Sarah
    I emailled Jenn yesterday with the details, forgot to let you know.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I’m having trouble sending you an email via bsc, not sure what that’s about, I just need Vanessa’s address for the Sunday sewing session.

  5. Hi Deb, I’ve sent you an email using am email address on the comment notification (has Diver in the address). Let me know if you don’t get it. Vanessa

  6. What a fantastic afternoon! I never would have thought to try making knickers, but, well, they fit. And they weren’t nearly as fiddly and difficult as I’d expected.

  7. A huge thankyou to Vanessa for so very warmly opening up her house to a (nerdy) group of sewing enthusiasts. Elizabeth – you’re unwavering enthusiasm for crafting ‘smalls’ is incredibly infectious, and has me very revved for replacing my ageing stock, so here’s to a new pile of “wavy” unmentionables.

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