New Year’s sewing resolutions

Well, why not?  Lots of us make resolutions about other parts of our lives, and sewing is a big part of mine.

  1. Sew in more sensible fabrics – less silk and floaty, fray-y, swearing-inducing stuff, more cotton and linen;
  2. More sensible, everyday clothes and fewer cocktail frocks and ball gowns;
  3. Cut off loose threads as I go;
  4. Work harder at my finishing – careful cutting, straighter seams, french seams, overlocked edges;
  5. Learn to grade patterns so they fit properly instead of crossing my fingers and cutting;
  6. More hand-sewn presents, made in good time instead of last-minute rushing before a party;
  7. Get my sewing room set up; and
  8. Work through my stash.

Anyone else?


3 responses to “New Year’s sewing resolutions

  1. Mine are similar, except that
    1. I want to sew more floaty fabrics and cocktail outfits. I have avoided them like the plague for quite some time, but they are so much more flattering on me. Of course, this goes along with:
    2. Create more opportunities to wear said floaty frothy confections. DH, you’re on notice. I want to start living the glamorous life.
    3. Make something ambitious and unnecessary. I’ve wanted to do a full historical costume for years now, but couldn’t justify the cost per wear. But now Steampunk is calling to me and I can see possibilities for elements of a full costume made into a far more wearable form. And I really want to start making hats again. Proper millinery, with fabrics such as sparterie, leno and buckram.

  2. Here are my personal challenges for the upcoming sewing year:
    1) Invest in quality fabric that I love—not just because it’s on special!
    2) Construct garments that mix & match with each other, building a wardrobe of wearable favourites.
    3) Measure twice, cut once. If in doubt, make a muslin first.
    4) Jazz up boring basics with savvy upcycling skills.
    5) Dabble in simple tailoring for the mister.
    6) Infect others with the sewing bug!

  3. Vanessa (BSC Perth)

    1. Only buy fabric with a clear plan of what I want to make from it.
    2. Sew pieces with a purpose – must love the fabric, the pattern, fill a need in my wardrobe and suit my figure (don’t try and make a pattern for something I would never buy!).
    3. Get better at techniques such as sewing zippers with facing/lingings. This involves planning and visualising the steps and the outcome.
    Actually I should probably print out that last sentence and post it above my sewing machine.

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