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Perth Burdastyle Meet February

Hi everyone

The next meet is being held at my house in Rivervale and we’re making knickers.  As with all the meets this year if you just want to bring along a project to sew you can do that instead.

However if you do want to have a go at making undies there are a number of helpful tutorials on the internet.  I’ve set up a Pinterest board which you can access by clicking on .  You shouldn’t need to log in but if you have any problems let me know.

For those of you who haven’t used Pinterest it’s a great resource for saving inspiration from the internet.  When you click on a pinned image it will take you to the source webpage.  If you set up your own login you can re-pin others people’s pins and follow their boards.  I’ve set up a board for the meet with pins for some tutorials for drafting your own knickers, how to sew knicker elastic and also some patterns you can purchase.  February’s Burda mag also has some 50’s inspired underwear and you are welcome to trace the pattern from my magazine.

For materials, you can get knicker elastic from Spotlight however the colours are not that exciting but you could try dyeing it to jazz it up.  There are also various elastics including foldover elastic available at in St James.  For material, you can use left over jersey or an old t-shirt.  There is also a pin for a pattern by The Maker’s Journal, who are a couple of Melbourne designers and they have used a light weight Liberty woven.

Don’t forget to RSVP on the meetup page and email for my address.  See you soon Vanessa.

PS. for anyone not in the know, Potter’s are having a 50% off everything sale for a week starting Wednesday.  You can also friend them on Facebook now “Fabric Outlet Shop”


2012 – the BSC sewing year

Now that you’ve got your sewing mojo back after the mayhem of Christmas/New Year, BSC Perth has some fantastic plans for a year of brilliant sewing.

While it’s fun getting together in Sandra’s studio and gossiping while we stitch, there have been suggestions about running meets in a more structured way.

So – from a cider-fueled brainstorming session that included a large piece of paper and textas in lots of different colours, here is the BSC sewing year. (subject to change according to feedback)

January (Saturday 14, 1.30pm at Fleur’s house) – general sewing.  Bring along a project and your sewing machine for an afternoon of relaxation with a bit of sewing thrown in.  Email for the address

February (Sunday 19, 1.30pm at Vanessa’s house) – knickers! Bring along some soft cotton knit (a t-shirt is perfect) and sew yourself some fabulous unmentionables.  Stay tuned for a post from Vanessa with links to patterns and other resources and a list of what notions you might need.  Email for the address)

March (Saturday 17, 1.30 – subject to change, venue probably Sandra’s studio but this may also change) – general sewing.  Bring along your latest project and sewing machine, or sew some angel bags for a charity that helps kids who are abruptly taken into foster care.

April (Sunday 15, 1.30pm, Sandra’s studio in Malaga) – make do and mend.  Do you have a pile/basket/shameful secret stash of garments that need their hems sewn up/buttons sewn back on/to be taken in a bit to fit properly?  Bring them along and get them done.  Your conscience will thank you

**Later in April – the Inaugural BSC Perth Sewing Weekend Away!  This is very exciting!  The plan is a bit vague just now, but round about the weekend of April 27-29 we will book the accommodation at the Dwellingup School of Wood and spend a weekend there sewing, watching fashion-inspired movies, exploring Dwellingup and generally having a lovely weekend away.  More details as they are sorted out.

May (Saturday 19, 1.30 Sandra’s studio in Malaga *subject to change) – general sewing.  And it’s the day before Jacquie’s birthday, so champagne and cake!

June (Sunday 17, 1.30pm Sandra’s studio in Malaga) t-shirt refashion.  Stay tuned for a post from Debra with links to resources for turning an average piece of cotton knit into something fabulously unique.

July (Saturday 14, 1.30pm Sandra’s studio in Malaga *subject to change) – general sewing.

August (Sunday 19, 1.30pm Sandra’s studio in Malaga) – boxer shorts.  Stay tuned for a post from Sarah with links to resources and patterns.  These are simple enough to be finished easily in our usual three-hour session.

September (Saturday 15, 1.30pm Sandra’s studio in Malaga *subject to change) – general sewing.

October (Sunday14, 1.30pm Sandra’s studio in Malaga) – op-shop challenge!  Expect a post after the September meet about this.  You’ll need to go to an op-shop and buy a piece of clothing for $5 or less that you bring along to the meet and refashion into something no-one will ever guess started life in a completely different guise.

November (Saturday 17, 1.30pm Sandra’s studio in Malaga *subject to change) – general sewing.

December (Sunday 16, 1.30pm Sandra’s studio in Malaga) – BSC Christmas party.  It’s a bit too soon to be thinking about how we’ll celebrate, but expect bubbly to be involved.

We’re also going to bring back Show and Tell – if you find something gorgeous or make something of which you’re particularly proud bring it along and tell everyone about it.

And we’re going to have a constant de-stash swap box going – if there’s a piece of fabric or pattern you’re realistically never going to make, donate it to the box and someone else can put it to use.

Expect also to see a BSC notice board in Sandra’s studio.  Everyone can put up notices to events of interest, articles from newspapers or magazines and so forth, and that’s where we’ll keep name badges (admit it – there are names you don’t know and have sort-of missed the change to ask).

Sandra is also very keen to organise a couple of frocktail events.   These could even be aligned with the general sewing afternoons – finish off  your haute couture creation, rush home to frock up, meet somewhere chic for dinner and admiring glances.

Field trips are also on the agenda – we hear that Potter’s Fabrics has planned a new, bigger shop and there’s a suggestion Sandra’s beloved, James, might also take a screen printing workshop.

Does that get your creative juices flowing?

The nipple skirt

But more on that later.

In case you don’t know, our Sandra is a regular contributor to Peppermint Magazine’s Sewing School.  I really like the origami skirt from the Autum 2011 issue.  It’s been that long before I’ve had time to sit down and do some concentrated sewing.  So, last night, I downloaded the pattern and instructions.

Sandra says you should use plain fabric, but this Ikea print seemed like it would work, and it’s sturdy enough to hold the funky 3D pleats.  And I have a contrary streak.  She also says to interface the waistband, I figured my fabric needed no more stiffening, so I didn’t.






First you cut out six pairs of this boot-like shape.  The pattern works for a series of sizes, but to customise, measure your waist, divide by 12, and grade the pattern piece to that measurement at the waist.  You can also lengthen or shorten.






Then sew the pairs of boots together, long edge to long edge, then each pair to each other pair, short edge to short edge.  This is where it gets three dimensional.  I french-seamed the pieces, but this came unstuck when I got to the putting the zip in bit.  So I zig-zagged that final seam – it’s not pretty, but it’s not going to go anywhere.






Turn over the waistband and the hem and you’re done.






And here’s the reason for the title of this post.  Unmistakeable, aren’t they?!

Coming Up :: January Meet

For your diary – the January 2012 meet of the BSC Perth Sewing Club is scheduled for Saturday, January 14 @ 1:30PM.

Please note – unlike usual, this meet will not be held at the Sewanista Studio in Malaga. Instead, due to climactic conditions (read: it’s really hot in Sandra’s studio in summer) the meet will instead be held at Fleur’s  home in Madeley (in the northern suburbs of Perth – thanks Fleur!). If you need the address – email or call Sarah on or 0401 090 002.

White Petal Skirt via Pretty Stems

New Year’s sewing resolutions

Well, why not?  Lots of us make resolutions about other parts of our lives, and sewing is a big part of mine.

  1. Sew in more sensible fabrics – less silk and floaty, fray-y, swearing-inducing stuff, more cotton and linen;
  2. More sensible, everyday clothes and fewer cocktail frocks and ball gowns;
  3. Cut off loose threads as I go;
  4. Work harder at my finishing – careful cutting, straighter seams, french seams, overlocked edges;
  5. Learn to grade patterns so they fit properly instead of crossing my fingers and cutting;
  6. More hand-sewn presents, made in good time instead of last-minute rushing before a party;
  7. Get my sewing room set up; and
  8. Work through my stash.

Anyone else?