November Meet

Our November meet was an intimate affair, the smallest BSCPerth meet in… almost forever!? For those of you who weren’t able to make it – we missed you… and hope you’ll be back for the next meet!  Though, even though we were small in number, we were still substantial in conversation, and project progress! I mean, it wouldn’t have been a BSCPerth sewing club meet if there had been any silence or lapses in conversation, right?! 😛

At the meet I showed off my new sewing machine. I also finally got around to quilting the playmat that Vanessa helped me pin together 1 month earlier! My arms were starting to ache 2 hours into fabric wrangling… but now it’s done – just binding to go! Elizabeth made progress cutting out and starting sewing a christening outfit for her soon-to-be godson. She was, however, cursing out her choice of pretty, (but difficult to work with) fabric from early on. Elizabeth also regaled us with stories of french seamed vegetable bags filled to the brim with veges from her super productive backyard! #superimpressiveness! Debra was taken by the quietness of Sarah’s new machine, was happy to learn a buttonhole foot, which measures the length of button whole you need, existed in reality (and not just her dreams), and continued to work with Sandra to get the fit of her block just right. Deb… Deb, I sat opposite you all afternoon – what were you doing!? How can I not remember? Gah!? Actually, I *think* Deb was cutting out the fabric for a new blouse. [Awkward silence.] Help? Sandra modeled her new top from a Burda magazine, answered everyone’s questions, starting drafting a trouser pattern she wanted to test, and showed us a photo of her latest project for Peppermint magazine! Cute!

Sorry to Sandra, Debra, Deb and Elizabeth for my poor memory of Saturday afternoon. Apparently sitting and quilting numbed my memory of what each of you were *actually* working on… Feel free to correct me in the comments! 😛

Everyone else – hope we will see you at the final meet for 2011!


3 responses to “November Meet

  1. Sorry I was one of the absentees! But definitely will be at the next meeting. I saw Elizabeth, Deb and Vanessa and we were discussing catching up for a drink in the interim. Will send an email re drink when Ms E gets back.

  2. Oh my goodness! I’ve clearly drunk too much on my weekend of running-away-to-celebrate-my-birthday. As you do and probably should. I don’t remember talking about getting together for a drink, but I do approve!

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