Today’s meet was awesome!

Title by our junior member, who wasn’t even there today. But really, aren’t they always?

We welcomed two new faces, Angela and Jane, and welcomed Jacquie back from Spain. It was lovely to see her, (and her souvenirs …. freshly minted Patrones, BurdaStyle and another pattern magazine I’d never heard of).

It was a very productive meeting all round, actually. Sewing machines hummed and both cutting tables were fully covered in projects.

Elle converted a pile of carefully pinned emerald green silk into a gorgeous fitted bodice, right in front of our very eyes!

Sarah and Debra cut out bodices ready for fitting, and I have completely forgotten what Fleur worked on because I was so charmed by the Xmas ornaments she had finished since last meet.

Angela cut out a cute dress from a company I’m not familiar with, so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished dress. I loved the fabric, a really deep toned painterly floral. Gorgeous.

Jane had a beautifully sewn neckline with a collar and facing. I helped her trim and understitch the seam. It looked great, but neither of us had noticed it was inside out. Oops. I blame the fabric, which was a lovely soft pink print. And the wine, which was a lovely soft white. (thank you Elle!)

We had a flying visit from Cherie, who popped in to say hi but couldn’t stay. She’s sewing up a storm with aprons and kid’s clothes, preparing for a market day in November.

Vanessa worked on her other sewing tool … A laptop. She’s organizing all her projects and patterns using Evernote.

And as for me, no sewing as usual. I have so much fun seeing what everyone else is up to, I think actually sitting still and working would make me feel like I’d missed something. I had so much fun I forgot to take photos. sigh.


One response to “Today’s meet was awesome!

  1. It was an awesome meeting indeed!

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