Meeting this Sunday and Spring at Potters

Yay!  After unfortunately missing the September meeting, I note that the next meeting of Perth BSC is this Sunday arvo, the 16th October.

If there are any other Perth sewists out there who would like to have a sew and a chat with a lovely, and very welcoming, bunch of people, please come along.  The meetings are great fun.   For location and time details:

And if, like me, you are wondering what project to start and feeling a bit ‘over’ drab winter things, I went into Potters Outlet Store the other day and it has lots of new spring stock in. Lots of nice jerseys and tshirt fabrics, plain and patterned. And lightweight blouseweights and digital prints.I have to confess that I walked in shortly after lunch time and ran into a fellow BSC member and we had a fabulous chat but for such a long time that they shut the shop around us.  And one of the staff quipped (in a very nice way) when she was leaving work that she would see us on Monday.  Like we would still be there chatting then!  Oh the shame.P.S.  I feel I should add one of those riders they have on political ads.  In this case ‘whilst Potters  staff probably think I am some fabric obsessive, I have no connection or affiliation with Potters.  Nor for that matter does BSC have any affiliation.   They just have really nice fabric ‘.


2 responses to “Meeting this Sunday and Spring at Potters

  1. Vanessa (BSC Perth)

    I’ve been meaning to post about Potters as I took a lunchtime trip there last week. The remnant table was overflowing and they’ve wised up to the fact that putting them in plastic bags if futile, we are just going to open them up and touch up their fabric. So much colour!

  2. Welcome back, Jacquie! Can’t wait to hear your tales & see your treasures from Spain. Great Potter photos, though I really shouldn’t be looking at such colourful temptations when I have a cupboard overflowing with UFO’s. Or maybe I should just start filling another cupboard?

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