Costume challenge

So the invitation said come dressed to thrill and frighten, the party was themed Creatures of the Night.  There was a chef with a pizza oven involved.

So, you get an old, black t-shirt, some netting, satin and lace and wield your sewing machine and scissors.






Stitch a double layer of the netting to the t-shirt hem, then sew on long triangles of satin and strips of lace.






Chomp out big triangles of the netting to make the skirt look authentically from-the-grave.

It comes out looking like this.  Then you need a cape.






Pleat the top of the satin cape to give it some shape. Gather up those bits of chopped out netting and sew them around the hem and the neckline, although they’re incredibly itchy and you’ll regret having them around your neck.  But you won’t realise that until you’ve arrived at the party.








Team it with a fright wig and some very badly applied make-up,and no-one will recognise you.


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