The sewing bug is more contagious than this year’s flu…

Each school holidays, my family likes to try out a new craft. My husband borrowed a book from the library and got everyone all inspired to make plushies.

My daughter, free spirit that she is, designed her own based on one in the book. She’s 8, and sewed this all herself.

My husband,who started the ball rolling, made a quite a few.

I sewed one that my husband designed in the style of the book’s monsters.

And my son, aged 10, sewed this one by himself, and decided that, much like the wand chooses the wizard (Harry Potter reference), the sewing machine chooses the sewer.

Apparently my old Necchi chose him, and he’s hardly been off it since.


6 responses to “The sewing bug is more contagious than this year’s flu…

  1. These are awesome! I particularlyu ❤ James' red plushy with the big yellow eyes! What did you use to get the fluffy edges?

  2. Elizabeth LiketheQueen

    Quick someone! Sandra needs an avatar!

  3. These are made from polar fleece, felt and fake fur. The fluffy edge is actually the fake fur back showing. They all came out differently according to how stretchy the fabric was. The polar fleece ones cracked me up by turning into cone heads.
    Maybe I should have James’ zombie one as my avatar.

  4. I like that the Necchi and the plushie that was created on it match! 🙂

  5. They’re amazing Sandra!

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