BSC Perth :: July Meet

The July meet was another lively, but (this time) surprisingly productive, session! If you weren’t able to attend, you might even be surprised to hear that not only were there sewing machines on the Sewanista Studio tables… but they were actually being used too! Don’t believe me? Here’s just a taste of what went down on Saturday afternoon…

  • Sarah marveled at a machine with a one-step buttonhole function (and proceeded to sew 11 button holes down the front of a new dress, with such ease!);
  • Elizabeth continued sewing for her new house – hemming a new table cloth and shower curtain;
  • Debra worked on cutting out and starting the sewing of a tomato print apron;
  • Gill showed off her newest creations, including some impressive welt pockets in a new pair of trousers, and a 1950s style dress (for which she had had to grade the pattern herself!);
  • Irene blanket-stitched her way around a felted scarf (and shared the traumatic tales of her recent Wicked Camper trip from Broome to Perth;
  • Vanessa put her overlocker to work, serging seams on a new  faux-wrap dress;
  • Sandra chatted and shared from her mental-encyclopaedia of knowledge re: slopers, adjusting patterns, vintage patterns and more(!);
  • and Jacquie (despite her car doing its utmost to prevent her from getting out to Malaga)… made it, yay!

We also welcomed Fleur, Kate & Sally to their first BSCPerth sewing club meet! They joined the regulars in *actually* sewing… and Kate even blogged about it, with pictures! Thanks for coming ladies – it was great to meet you all :).



6 responses to “BSC Perth :: July Meet

  1. Yay for new members! 🙂 And I am super jealous of the BurdaStyle pressie you guys got, go Perth!

  2. Mel, there’s one for you, too, of course, duh. email me your address and I’ll pop it in the mail.

    And every meet I actually have something put aside so I can sew too, but I get all excited about having friends around that by the time I’ve caught up, the sewing has been forgotten. Thank you, Sarah, for helping Lily sew her dolly’s kimono, she might get the other sleeve put in by the next meet 🙂 Good things dolls don’t grow out of things before they are finished, heh?

  3. Thanks Sarah it was great to meet everyone too AND have a dedicated sewing time ! Looking forward to attending future meets 🙂

  4. Nice to see all of you and impressed there was actual sewing going on. Although nothing wrong (at all) with our more recent pursuits of cake eating and chatting. And the BSC gift was so cute!

  5. Vanessa (BSC Perth)

    It’s been so long since I have had a couple hours to sew in that it had priority over magazines and gossip.

  6. i was the only slacker to sew NOTHING but i did supervise very well,, perhaps i was an overseer in a sweatshop in a former life !!! i promise to do something next meet,, apart from talk,,,x

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