Made on the left 2011

I am just back from my road trip Broome-to-Perth (4073km in 12 days in the crappiest campervan ever seen -the licence plate was on piece of cardboard… pufff. But I had an awesome time and made it to Perth! surprise!)

I am delighted that I am on time for the Made on the Left Market this year! It is this Sunday (10th of July).


I can’t wait! Anyone else going?


6 responses to “Made on the left 2011

  1. sarahscustard

    In a week and a half, I’m going to be doing ~3,000km in 10 days – to Karijini National Park and back with a group of friends. No crappy campervans, just tents and sleeping mattresses for us!

  2. Karijini was my favourite part of the trip! Do you guys have a 4×4? The roads at Karijini are what I called “roads for cows” 🙂
    Take your bathers and have a go at Fenn Pool (the water from the waterfall is sooo warm!)

    • sarahscustard

      Oh! I’m so happy to hear that you loved Karijini! :). And yes, we have 2 Landrover Defendery-type vehicles which should help (there’s 7 of us going). Thanks for the tips – hopefully I will get to pick your brain further on Saturday!

  3. Yeah! see you on Saturday. Is there any particular theme this Saturday?
    PS. I hate the meetup website, soooooooo confusing

    • sarahscustard

      Nope. No theme this Saturday. Just come to sew (and chat)! And don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one with the MeetUp-hate. I have sent multiple complaining emails to MeetUp, BurdaStyle (and MeetUp VIA BurdaStyle) this month telling them how crap/inappropriate/irritating etc MeetUp has proven to be. Still trying… *fingerscrossed*

  4. Yeah, meetup is crap. The only good aspect s realising there are some really wacky groups out there. I haven’t been to Made on the Left but sounds interesting. And I’ll be looking forward to hearing all about your trip tomorrow.

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