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The sewing bug is more contagious than this year’s flu…

Each school holidays, my family likes to try out a new craft. My husband borrowed a book from the library and got everyone all inspired to make plushies.

My daughter, free spirit that she is, designed her own based on one in the book. She’s 8, and sewed this all herself.

My husband,who started the ball rolling, made a quite a few.

I sewed one that my husband designed in the style of the book’s monsters.

And my son, aged 10, sewed this one by himself, and decided that, much like the wand chooses the wizard (Harry Potter reference), the sewing machine chooses the sewer.

Apparently my old Necchi chose him, and he’s hardly been off it since.


BSC Perth :: August meet

The next scheduled BSC Perth meet (Sunday 14 August, 2011) coincides with some new markets in Perth!

If you’d like an indulgent Sunday, please come for breakfast at 9am at DeeVine Cafe, Albany Highway, Victoria Park, corner Mackie Street, diagonally opposite the second hand bit of John Hugh’s caryard.

We’ll have a leisurely breakfast, then head to Burswood for the markets at about 10.30 – 11am, then if anyone wants to do lunch, we can discuss that.

Otherwise, please bring your sewing machine and latest project to Sandra’s Studio 5/31 Century Road, Malaga for 1.30pm.

BSC Perth :: July Meet

The July meet was another lively, but (this time) surprisingly productive, session! If you weren’t able to attend, you might even be surprised to hear that not only were there sewing machines on the Sewanista Studio tables… but they were actually being used too! Don’t believe me? Here’s just a taste of what went down on Saturday afternoon…

  • Sarah marveled at a machine with a one-step buttonhole function (and proceeded to sew 11 button holes down the front of a new dress, with such ease!);
  • Elizabeth continued sewing for her new house – hemming a new table cloth and shower curtain;
  • Debra worked on cutting out and starting the sewing of a tomato print apron;
  • Gill showed off her newest creations, including some impressive welt pockets in a new pair of trousers, and a 1950s style dress (for which she had had to grade the pattern herself!);
  • Irene blanket-stitched her way around a felted scarf (and shared the traumatic tales of her recent Wicked Camper trip from Broome to Perth;
  • Vanessa put her overlocker to work, serging seams on a new  faux-wrap dress;
  • Sandra chatted and shared from her mental-encyclopaedia of knowledge re: slopers, adjusting patterns, vintage patterns and more(!);
  • and Jacquie (despite her car doing its utmost to prevent her from getting out to Malaga)… made it, yay!

We also welcomed Fleur, Kate & Sally to their first BSCPerth sewing club meet! They joined the regulars in *actually* sewing… and Kate even blogged about it, with pictures! Thanks for coming ladies – it was great to meet you all :).


Made on the left 2011

I am just back from my road trip Broome-to-Perth (4073km in 12 days in the crappiest campervan ever seen -the licence plate was on piece of cardboard… pufff. But I had an awesome time and made it to Perth! surprise!)

I am delighted that I am on time for the Made on the Left Market this year! It is this Sunday (10th of July).


I can’t wait! Anyone else going?

Blog-erific Inspiration

A while ago (this post has been sitting in “drafts” for a time) a discussion over a very yummy ladies lunch in West Perth turned to sewing blogs and inspiration. It’s funny how we speak of the bloggers we follow as if we just chatted to them or just showed us their new outfit in person – “Oh, did you see Erica B’s new jumpsuit?”

I have a list a mile long…so does a certain someone with an iPhone 😉 and so do most of you I am sure but there will be a few of you wondering who on earth is Eric B? So I thought I’d post some of the favourites from my very long list here. Feel free to pop over to the blogs you’ve never heard of and then please add your additions in the comments below. Many of these bloggers will also share a list of blogs they follow and you may end up in an endless and difficult-to-leave circle of blog reading, so don’t forget to get up from the screen occasionally and go visit your sewing machine 🙂

In no particular order:

A Few Threads Loose
Amanda’s Adventures in Sewing
BurdaStyle Sewing Club Perth WA (Oh hey that’s us!)
Casey’s Elegant Musings
Confessions & Recovery of a Fabric-holic
Erica B’s – DIY Style
Fehr Trade
Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing
Green Apples
Handmade by Carolyn (Hi Carolyn *waves)
Home Made Couture (Hi Jacquie *waves)
Josie Loves 2 Sew (Hi Josie *waves)
Magdamagda Design Studio
Male Pattern Boldness
Miss Jackson
My Little Nook
My Messings (Hi Rachel *waves)
Orchids in May
Pattern Scissors Cloth
Petit Main Sauvage
Sew I Thought
The House of Mirth (Hi Rachel *waves)
The Sew Weekly
The Snug Bug
Tanit-Isis Sews
The Curious Kiwi (There’s nothing wrong with a little self promotion 😉 *waves)
The Selfish Seamstress
The Slapdash Sewist
Tilly and the Buttons
Very Prairie

If your head is exploding over how you could possibly follow so many  people then perhaps you should consider using an RSS reader. It’s like email but much more exciting (no vi46ra or you-know-what-enlargement spam) and much more controllable than signing up for endless email updates from each and every site you like. I can only recommend Goggle Reader since I am a Gmail user. If you use Gmail as well then you might notice the “Reader” link at the top of your mail page, have a click, follow your nose. Basically if you visit a site you want to follow then you can click on the RSS feed logo  which is usually up in the address bar or somewhere obvious on the site or in Google Reader click on  and copy/type the web address. Your RSS feeder reader will fill up with the sites you like and you can organise them in folders. When an author posts something new it pops up under their site name in bold and you can read it within your reader but it’s better to click the title and go to their site.

Give it a go, you’ll be RSSing in no time and then YOU can ask ME, “Did you see Peter’s new shirt?”

If I’ve sold you then promise me you’ll add this site as your first RSS feed 😉

Do you use a different RSS reader? Please recommend it in the comments below.

Another blog tracking source I recently discovered is blogloving which I don’t use but looks like a good way to keep on top of all the above sewing inspirational goodness. Maybe this is more up your alley, it seems pretty popular, even I have 6 followers, surprise! So check it out…