Reporting in from NZ

Hello from the (shaky) Land of the Long White Cloud

I have had a crazy few weeks but today I am finally feeling settled. You can read about our last few weeks in Perth and our arrival here in Wellington on my blog. But today I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to the last two weeks…like digging out the necessities 😉

We got the keys to our house the week before our container was due but I managed to get some pseudo sewing done before my machines arrived:

OK, OK, I know, it’s a very poor substitute for sewing (still better than scrapbooking, no?) but it kept my itchy fingers busy for a day and now we have privacy…then the exciting stuff happened:

On Tuesday last week men showed up with our container and started filling our rental with boxes. Everything went smoothly until they tried to leave. The truck got stuck on the slope of our driveway and after several failed attempts to leave a pretty-in-pink tuck tow-truck had to be called.

Real "Men" drive pink trucks (?)

I’d like to tell you that the first box I ripped into contained my sewing machine but that wouldn’t be true since with an empty fridge and dinner fast approaching the kitchen had to get sorted first.

I did go looking for my machines that evening and found this one peaking out of a box:


Here is what my “new” sewing room looked like five days ago. What a mess! half these boxes aren’t mine, the heaviest boxes, of course, ended up in Husband’s room down the hall so I spent the first two days peaking into boxes before sighing and then dragging them down the hall 🙂

This room is a bit smaller than my previous room so I’ll have no dedicated layout space, excluding the floor, so I piled everything into the hallway and got to work.

Hammer, screw drivers and allen keys later this is what I have, yay, I can (almost) actually sew and I even managed to find the two UFOs that are next on my list.

So things are going well. I’ll get to some real sewing soon, in between working on my CV and portolio, then it’s out to find a job (somethings got to fund my fabric addiction ;))

Wish me luck!
The Wandering Kiwi


3 responses to “Reporting in from NZ

  1. Looking good, Melissa! It’s nice to hear that you are settling well back in Wellington. Can’t wait to see your new projects, and of course we miss you!

  2. Hi Melissa, oh to be sooo organised sooo soon, well done. Glad that everything is falling into place for you back on home soil, happy creative sewing, Deb.

  3. Great to hear you are in your new house and getting settled. The house looks really nice – the scenery certainly looks a bit greener and hillier than Perth!

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