BSC Perth :: June Meet

The date of the BSC Perth June meet has been set!
WHEN: Sunday, 19 June, 1:30pm
WHERE: Sewanista Fashion Workshop, Malaga

Why not come along to the BSC Perth June meet (on Sunday, 19 June) to ::

  • sew (you can bring your sewing machine, or bring hand sewing if that’s easier)!
  • talk about sewing (or anything else that takes your [and at least one other person’s] fancy on the day ;-)!
  • pour over the latest sewing magazines (and admire/mock the latest Burda harem pants pattern – you know there’ll be at least one new pair)!
  • share your plans for the fabric you bought at Potter Textiles last month!
  • show and tell about your recently finished (or currently in progress projects)!
  • see if someone else knows how to do that *thing* you’re not sure how to do (or get opinions/recommendations on fabric choices etc)!

BSC Perth meets are great, social events which bring together a lively group of people who share an interest in sewing and dressmaking! Members’ sewing skills range from beginner to professional – all you need is an interest in sewing to come along!

Any questions? Send an email to

RSVP for the event at MeetUp —


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