Bindaring on Saturday

Yes I know!  This post has nothing whatsoever to do with sewing.   It does have to do with clothes though!  It’s a reminder of a Perth institution for anyone who is in the clothes buying mood, has a couple of hours free on Saturday and wants to support a very good cause.

It’s time for the annual Red Cross ‘Bindaring’ sale, which is on at Claremont Show Grounds this weekend.  Details are at .

The last one I went to was fantastic.  One part was like a big consignment shop with clothes donated by masses of Perth shops and all sorts of designers  (one person I went with emerged with a plastic bag of gorgeous Lisa Ho dresses for very little money).  Other sections were more like a jumble sale.  There are also parades of designer clothes which are auctioned.   It is worth a look.

If you are in the buying mood get there early and it can get a bit jostly if you are trying things on.  But it is all good fun and all for charity.


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