New City Fabric Shop

It’s been years since there was a fabric shop in Perth City Centre (when did Lincraft close?).   The last bastion of things sewing related in the City has been Kennedy’s in Queen Street which has a selection of threads and haberdashery.
I thought I was misreading when a flyer came from Fabulous Fabrics the other day mentioning their City Store – but no, it is true!   I went trotting down there one lunch time to investigate (with only a mobile phone as a camera I’m afraid).  It opened the week before last.
 The location is Forrest Place on the upper floor – the side facing David Jones.
It’s open 7 days a week – so if any of us run out of threads or zips or want to buy fabric on a Friday night or a Sunday arvo, help will now be at hand.
This is the sister shop to Fabulous Fabric’s Balcatta main store and whilst somewhat smaller than the latter, it is a nice, light, airy space with a good range of fabrics, trims, patterns, zips, haberdashery and buttons.   Check out the website at
They aim for the higher end market with a focus on evening and bridal fabrics but also have daywear fabrics with some nice tshirting and suiting in the shop at the moment. Yay!

4 responses to “New City Fabric Shop

  1. sarahscustard

    Weehoo! Thanks for the post Jacquie! From my place (in Carlisle) I’d probably choose to head to Spotlight in Midland for desperation Sunday sewing needs, but regardless, I’m looking forward to going and having a bit of a sticky beak around this new shop! I have a feeling this shop will be more of an impulse purchase place for me 😉 It has been SUCH a long time since Lincraft was in the city, hasn’t it… maybe 6-8 years? Definitely more than 5.

  2. One of my earliest memories of Perth is riding up the escalator into a fabric shop that looked like a tasteful time capsule from the more restrained side of the 1960’s. Could this have been the aforementioned Lincraft? It would have been somewhere around mid to late September, 2006. Any alternatives to the Spotty Light are welcome—vive la FabFab!

  3. Try Homecraft Textiles, on Albany Hwy, i just got back from there, they have there annual half price sale on at the moment…unique, exotic stuff, yet affordable.

  4. I used to love shopping at Fabulous Fabrics in Balcatta and over the years have spent literally thousands of dollars, including beautiful imported lace fabric for my daughters wedding dress. Then one day I was in the store and the lady serving cut expensive fabric too short and refused to correct her mistake or take any responsibility for it. I have not stepped foot inside a FF store since, 3-4 years, but now spend lots of time and money at Textile Traders instead and the ladies there are lovely and very helpful.

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