Today we had a special afternoon tea to farewell our BSCPerth co-founder Mel, as she and her husband prepare to move home to Wellington, New Zealand. In honour of the occasion, I decided to sew Mel a set of mini-bunting. I chose to make mini-bunting, with the idea that Mel might be able to hang it on a pin-board (etc) in her new sewing room in Wellington – so remind her of us all back in Perth!

For the bunting, I chose a selection of brightly coloured craft cottons out of my stash for the flags, and held them together with some white bias binding.

Making the letters for the flags was the biggest challenge. The flags (each about 3″ tall) were too small for me to paint the letters on, too small/fiddly for me to cut & applique letters on to. I briefly toyed with the idea of hand embroidering the letters, but by the time I reached the “P” (in BSCPERTHWA) I decided I didn’t like the way it looked, so I gave that idea away!

Ultimately, my mother came up with the best idea. She got the letters cut for me using the “Sizzix” machine in her local sewing/craft shop. The Sizzix is mostly used for scrapbooking (I don’t like to even say that word out loud :-P)… but can also be used to neatly die-cut letters out of fabric/felt. The white felt I used had had vliesofix applied the the back of it in advance, so ultimately, all I had to do was pull the paper off the back of the felt letters and iron them into place! So, even though the letters might be cut in a more “scrapbooking-style” type face than would usually be my style… it still looks pretty ace! #Win!

Farewell Mel – you will be missed. 🙂


2 responses to “Mini-Farewell-Bunting

  1. Awesome gift Sarah even it is fabric-scrapbooking 🙂

  2. Oh that is such a nice gift!

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