Objects of desire

While the Polka Dot vintage market didn’t elicit nearly enough ooh and ahh moments (quite disappointing really) and the craft fair was faintly frightening (when did stamping become a craft?), the antiques and collectibles fair was quite overwhelming.

I could wax lyrical about the tea sets I regretfully walked past, and the clocks that made me want to swoon, but I shan’t.

Instead I’ll share with you the pint-sized sewing machines there were for sale.

Cute, arent they? And quite pricey.

For when the power goes out

Having such a... comprehensive tool kit may not be a good sign

This is a Mercury brand, one Ive not heard of

Very versatile stuff, bakelite

Ahhhhh… pretty.


2 responses to “Objects of desire

  1. Just out of curiosity what (if you can remember, or guess) was the price tag on the second image? That looks like the one my Mum has saved for me from my Nana’s – I can’t wait to dig it out and see if it sews. Sandra said they do an amazing chain stitch that is perfect for basting…but it’s hand cranked so we’ll see how long that lasts! 🙂

  2. Truthfully, no. A couple of hundred dollar, at a guess. As for the hand-cranking – you have a burly husband…

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