Feeling a little bit vintage

So Ruby Slypprz and I, we’re out and proud about our love for all things vintage – and if gorgeous vintage things can be found at flea markets and garage sales, so much the better.

At the Woodbridge Garage Sale Trail (our name for it) we chanced upon a garage sale (one of more than a dozen) properly in a garage (who’d’a thunk it?!).  And this one had a box of patterns for sale (there may have been a squeal of excitement).

How much?

10c per pattern, or $5 for the whole box.  Done!

And what bounty it held!  Some patterns still priced in shillings and pence, some patterns for young girls, some very ill-advised patterns for teenaged boys, and some with real style.

This I can see in something quite plain, with some fake fur on the collar and perhaps around the sleeves and hem.  Or perhaps on a taffeta for evening.

I think I’m developing a thing about collars – this is a very plain, but flattering, 60s sheath design, that is so much more interesting because of that collar.  I’m thinking the three-quarter sleeve version in something a bit slinky.  With an over-the-top rosette mid-decolletage.

And this is my favourite!  You can see the price in the top right corner: four shillings, ninepence.  Oh, that collar – I love it.  I think this will have to be in some sort of sensible gabardine or suiting fabric with a completely outrageous contrast collar and buttons.


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