Wanted: Entry Level Sewing Machine

So, I’m looking for some advice. A friend of mine is contemplating purchasing a sewing machine. Sewing is a relatively new thing for her… and at the moment she’s using my spare machine (a Hobby 303 made for Pfaff). But that’s not permanent… she’s going to need to purchase her own at some point! So I’m doing a little research on a solid entry-level machine for her. So, what do I think I’m looking for ::

  • No fancy stitches required (definitely looking for a basic model);
  • Drop in bobbin;
  • One step button hole preferred… but not essential;
  • Cost is a factor – cheaper is better.

My friend is not planning on taking up anything super fancy. We’re talking some kids clothes/costumes plus home stuff – cushions, curtains etc.

Anyone want to make a suggestion/recommend a machine?


3 responses to “Wanted: Entry Level Sewing Machine

  1. My friend J has the Elna Sew Fun (exclusive to Spotlight) and I’ve seen in on sale for really cheap $199 (?) but it doesn’t have a drop-in bobbin and I think it is 3-step button hole. There are a few Brother machines for between $150 and $200 but I don’t know what their features are like. Maybe a visit to Spotlight for a play, they have a few set up in Ozzy Park…or she could go Gumtree for second hand.

  2. The problem is that there is a definite cut off point for machines as far as quality goes. One of my students has a cheapy – about $200 or so – and it is dreadful. It’s not much more than a year old and is worn out. The fabric drags through it and it skips stitches. The repair guy she took it to said if he opened it up it would never go back together again properly, and to not bother.
    I’d be inclined to consider a good quality second hand one, or wait until the sales. The manufacturers discount their machines before Mothers Day and Christmas. And I’d go to a dealer rather than a chain store as the after sales service is so much better.

    • sarahscustard

      Thanks Sandra – that’s very helpful! I definitely know what you mean re: quality cut off point! Strangely enough… I hadn’t really even considered second-hand. I say strangely given that my own machine is second-hand! 😛 I guess this shows that I never intentionally looked for a second-hand machine… I just stumbled across mine! Time to spend some time on Gumtree perhaps?

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